Monday, January 17, 2011

Last week and the coming days

The past week saw the kinks finally worked out of the last segment of Confrontations. Doesn't mean it's written but I think I've all the loose ends gathered and tied in a knot. Loose ends always bother me when i find them in a book. Once had to call a friend to ask her about the loose end I'd found in her book. The single line had intrigued me and when one of the characters said, "I'll tell you later," I really wanted to know. When the book was reissued she plugged that hole. Only took a sentence or two.

Saw the release of the entire, so far, collection of Katherine Miller mysteries released for the Kindle. I now have 21 books up there. That's not a lot considering some authors but it does make me feel good to know people can buy them and for reasonable prices.

Coming up this week will be more from Bird by Bird, more on characterization, an interview with a fellow Vanilla Heart author, the final segment on saving the plot, a chapter and maybe some blog visits or maybe something else. Can't seem to settle on what to do on Sundays. Hope to finish the third segment of Confrontations and get the fourth well on the way.


Shoshanna Evers said...

Good luck with your WIP!

Jennifer Probst said...

We missed you, Janet! So glad you have your computer back.