Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday January 10 - What's ahead and what's past

The past week was sort of non-productive with writing. For me, non- productive means not completely meeting my goals. Not that I didn't write but visits to the dentist and taking down Christmas decorations took time out of my writing life. Hopefully this week will go better since I've moved to the fifth segment of Confrontations and rather feel like a clown ready for a party and trying to fit through a door with fifty baloons on strings. That's called tying up loose ends and not letting them go. I've had to re-order the nine segments of the story to get all the balloons through the narrow door.

So what's ahead blogwise this week. On Tuesday more inspirations from Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, Wednesday more on characterization, Thursday an interview with Colin Kelley, Friday More writing tips on the Plot, Saturday a first chapter of one of the many I have floating about and Sunday three more blogs visited.


Malcolm R. Campbell said...

Sometimes, I have nonproductive writing weeks, too. It might mean I've come up against a scene that needs further thought. Or, it might mean I was updating my web site or derailed by holiday activities.

At least, my characters know I'm still thinking about them.


Janet Lane Walters said...

Malcom, Thanks for the boost.