Monday, October 4, 2010

My Writing Life

The past week meant keeping up my schedule and wishing I could get ahead of what the draft wordage I set for each week. Perhaps I'll get ahead this week. Had a little glitch since I print on both sides of the page I found several where I had over written. Should have been able to print them out again but in my haste since they were all new drafts, I sent them to outer space. Must learn to be more careful to avoid such glitches in the future.

Wrote my two sentence synopsis for the final seduction story. The very short bit will help me stay on target. Also posted six sentences. Not sure how long I'll keep this up but at least a few more weeks.

This is for the nurses among my readers. My granddaughter while organizing my shelves found a notebook of poems I wrote when I was in my poetry phase.

A Summer Sunday Spent With Strokes

Seven AM - already warm.
Summer Sunday -- different
Pat and I the whole large ward.
Baths, beds, feed and help.
Heat grows heavy.
Twenty-two beds precisely placed
against the walls.
U-shaped mouth engulfs us for the day.
Mrs. Smith or Mrs. Jones?
Who first?
Twenty-two strokes for morning care.
twenty-two fronts for her.
twenty-two backs for me.
Charity ward where elderly come,
no one left to care.
Pat and I could have cared a lot
but time is heavy - hot.
Beds and baths
Two student nurses
Heat oppressive
on a summer Sunday spent with strokes.

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Yolanda said...

Good luck getting ahead! nice to hear progress on the seduction story. Can she organize mine?