Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More pm Vogler - tests, Allies and Enemies

To me this is the most fun part of writing a story. Here the writer faces a number of tests that show their desire to reach their goal. During these times they meet allies. Some of these allies can become good friends. Some are little more than acquaintances but they will help the character on the way. Then there are the enemies. This enemy can be an evil guy or a rival who is wanting the same thing the hero or heroine wants. Sometimes a story has more than one hero or heroine and more than one villain. Sometimes in this sixth part of the journey one or more of the villains can be defeated.

I have a tendency to write what I look on as ensemble pieces. Mistress of the Moons soon to be released in paper is one of these. Here there are three heroines who must face off against three villains. They are joined by three heroes who come to their aid. During the journey the three and three meet people who help them and those who try to hinder them. They also meet those who are enemies though not necessarily a villain. Some are misguided and some are truly evil. That's what I like about fantasy. The bad guys can be really bad.

During this part of the story, the trials the hero and heroine face are the build up for worse ones to come. In Mistress of the Moons, Dian, one of the heroines is in a way betrayed by Kobe who is to become her hero. She escapes and he follows to recapture her but realizes he can't do this. But later in the story together they face a real trial.

Often there is a special place where the hero or heroine meets his or her friends and allies. In many stories it is a bar. In some of my stories it is the hospital, or a home.

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