Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Astrology -- Scorpio characters

The hero or heroine with a Scorpio Sun is shrewd with keen judgment. They can be critical, suspicious and skeptical. An enterprising nature that is reserved, tenacious and secretive. This hero or heroine is fond of luxuries bur is also economical. They can be plain spoken and bitingly sarcastic. There can be a tendency to be aggressive. At their best they are original, dangerous and creative.

With the face they show the world, Scorpio rising brings a reserved person who is inclined to be suspicious. They are quick witted and can deliver sarcastic remarks with ease. They are quick to take action and are positive and can be blunt. They are fond of a good fight. They make staunch friends. Scorpio rising brings and willfulness to the nature. This hero or heroine can hold fixed views. When proved they are angry.

The Moon shows the emotional nature of the hero and heroine. With Scorpio in this spot, the character is capable of vigorous activity. They have a firm self-confidence. With a Scorpio moon, the character will take care of their own. They have a fondness for pleasure and comfort. They can be forceful and masterful. They do not tolerate imposition. There is a great attraction to and from the opposite sex.

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