Friday, August 20, 2010

Not exactly on plot- Subjective or Objective

While this isn't really about plot, it's more on what kind of writer are you. First there was plot line vs story line authors. Bow we come to subjective or Objective kind of writers. Neither is right or wrong, they just point to the strengths or weaknesses in a person's writing.

Subjective writers record the feelings behind his characters' thoughts, spoken words and actions.

Objective writers leave all this to the reader's imagination.

While most writers combine both and use them at various times in a story.

For me, I think I tend more to objective writing, though I sometimes dig into the emotions. My fellow critique partners always remind me when they think they need a bit more emotion in a piece.

What kind of writer are you? And remember it doesn't matter if you're writing in first person or third person, the scene can be mainly objective or subjective in tone.

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Taryn Kincaid said...

Emotion is king.

(Or queen, as the case may be.)

Unless the character reacts and we have an idea of how they feel about things, we have no earthly idea who they are and have nothing invested in them. Nothing at all.