Monday, August 2, 2010

My Writing Life - The daily count

I feel as though I've accomplished a lot this week but I don't really count by words. Actually sort of. I'm a draft writer so what I do is write and rewrite my chapters and each time I focus on something different. Each time I do another chapter, it grows longer. This isn't padding but rather seeing what I've left out and putting it in. Writing the rough draft of a book that runs to 60,000 to 80,000 2rds gives me perhaps a quarter of the final book. Entire scenes are written. There's a fight here. Getting the plot line down is what's important to me. Though I do plan my books I do not plan them so completely there's no room to explore a new road. What I've done this past week is finish the third draft of a segment of Confrontations. This book is a bit different from the others in this series since there are four segments that are sort of complete. By sort of I mean each segment ends with a lead into the next area they must confront until the end is reached. My kind of writing does tend to confuse many people, but my feeling is reaching the end end is what counts. How do I know I[ve reached that point. At that time I cannot look at the book without feeling sick. To do more would annoy me.

The second thing I've done this week is join a new yahoo group. I really don't need another one but this is a specific one for those who write YA. And I have a few of them. The Jewels of Earda trilogy and the quartet of The Henge betrayed. The group is fun and supportive and I'll spend some time exploring their woks and probably buying a few of them. I do try to support my friends.

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Yo said...

Congrats on the thrid draft - you've made great progress since time we met!