Monday, August 16, 2010

My Writing Lifw

The past week has been one of forging a new segment of Confrontations and also of revising the two previous sections. I do love ensemble pieces but this one gives me a lot of people to keep track of. There are 9 viewpoint characters and eight other rather major players plus all the casual characters. Great fun.

Also cleaning up two old manuscripts to be sent out again into the world. Typos and language in one and who knows what's in the other. But that someone wants to look at them again is great. Finding old manuscripts is kind of fun and one wonders if there ever will be time to see what can be done with two others I found plus snippets of others.

Also last week realized our house is 90 years old. No wonder there are so many things to do. Last year a new roof. This year windows and doors.

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