Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday's Blurbs - Features Books by Eileen Charbonneau #MFRWauthor #historicalnovels #suspense

’ll Be Seeing You (Code Talker Chronicles Book 1)

Luke Kayenta and his childhood friend Nantai Riggs are young shepherds of the Navajo reservation in Arizona. They volunteer for an experiment: to come up with an uncrackable code based on their language to be used by the US as it enters World War II. They fly into New York to join the spy agency the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). While on the airfield, Luke catches sight of a young woman. He is first enchanted, then heartsick when he finds that Kitty Charante is the devoted wife of his Canadian RAF pilot and instructor in espionage. Their paths will cross again. 
In the mountains between Spain and Nazi-occupied France, Luke and Nantai practice the code between radio stations while helping on Allied missions. 
But off the coast, German SS agent Helmut Adler hears something crackling over the radio lines. When a young soldier of World War I, an American Indian language helped bring down his regiment in the Battle of Meuse-Argonne. Adler swears it will not happen again. He sets his sights on the code talkers. 
The hunt has begun.

And….Now available as an audio book narrated by actress Joanna Withey, and cover art by Lawrence Gullo!

Waltzing in Ragtime

Award-winning novelist Eileen Charbonneau turns her storytelling powers and lauded historical research to the epic story of two people drawn together from dramatically different spheres of society. As the 20th century turns, San Francisco is a far cry from its gold rush days. The railroads have ushered in an era of rapid change and industrialization in California. In the mansions on Russian Hill, powerful men build financial empires by pillaging a landscape rich in natural resources.
The daughter of a lumber baron, Olana Whittaker is struggling to make it on her own as a journalist for the Gold Coast Chronicle. She resents having to use a male pseudonym to be read seriously.  Covering the grand opening from Sequoia National Parks, Olana meets forest ranger Matthew Hart, who speaks with passion on the need for protecting nature. Hart has little time for people, especially those who destroy forests. But when the pair are trapped in an early blizzard, Olana learns to appreciate both Hart and the land he is fighting to protect from men like her father.
Over the years that follow, Olana and Matt will part - and come together again - as they live through the turbulent early years of the new century and learn the heartbreaks and joys that come with living, loving, and pursuing their destinies.

In ELEMENTS OF THE NOVEL, critically-acclaimed historical and YA novelist Eileen Charbonneau provides beginners with invaluable guidance concerning process, plotting, structure, character development, dialogue, and more. Charbonneau's novels for adults include I’LL BE SEEING YOU, WALTZING IN RAGTIME, THE RANDOLPH LEGACY and RACHEL LeMOYNE. The Washington Post said of WALTZING IN RAGTIME that it "has an almost made-for-TV miniseries sheen to it, even as it grapples with large and complex social issues ... " WALTZING IN RAGTIME has gone back for multiple printings, and won a Heart of the West Award, THE RANDOLPH LEGACY and RACHEL LEMOYNE have been nominated for the prestigious Rita Award from Romance Writers of America, and THE GHOSTS OF STONY CLOVE is a Rita winner. 


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