Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday's Guest - Eileen Charbonneau Who She Was Before #MFRWauthor #writing #historical novels

  What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

've been writing professionally for a long time...since the oldest of our three children was a baby. It all started when I was living in Buffalo New York and a friend convinced me (read: dragged me kicking and screaming) to take an adult-ed class in writing for publication.  Wow, that class changed my life!  The teacher was a lovely woman who was a travel writer.  She was the first professional writer I ever met. Her husband was her photographer, and they went all over the world.  Wow, what a life!  I wanted to BE Diana!   She was also a gifted teacher and from her I learned the nuts and bolts of proper format, submissions, marketing.  She advised a subscription to The Writer and Writer's Digest magazines, and they became my bibles.  The first professional writing I did was about my life...being a mom, what I was learning from my children, recipes, our travels and adventures .  I did editorial writing about things I felt passionate about:  the rights of women and children, the joys of living in ethnically, racially and age diverse neighborhoods. It was a long, long time before I made any kind of a living from my writing, so I have also worked as a librarian, tour guide at historic homes, bookstore seller and manager, early education teacher, actor and director for theater, costumer for film and theater.  When we moved to Georgia, I got very interested in the history of my new home...that's when I got the fiction bug...I started writing a short story about the first gold rush in the US that turned into a novel.  I loved entering that world every morning!   I realized that the odds of being published in fiction were MUCH worse than they were for non-fiction, but I had found my bliss!  I've been working very hard at it ever since.

2.   Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above. 

I write historical novels.  Yes there are many sub-genres!  I have written historical novels both for adults and young adults, mysteries, and romantic historical novels.  I have a keen interest in exploring both the immigrant experience and Native American themes. I explore the history of places I've lived or visited. I sometimes write a series of books, like my Woods Family saga of YA historicals, My Tad and Linda mystery series (contemporary, but they are interested in archeology, naturally!) and my Code Talker Chronicles.

3. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres?  Sure.  I love getting lost in a novel, and it is usually an historical!  I love language too, so I get bowled over by a well crafted sentence or phrase!  But the bottom line is: fiction is folks..if characters are interesting, I will follow them anywhere!  

4. What's your latest release?  I'll Be Seeing You, Book 1 of my Code Talker Chronicles, set during World War II.

5. What are you working on now?  I am trying to get Book 2 of the Codetalker Chronicles, Watch Over Me ready for an August release. I am researching an Underground Railroad mystery series, and working on a Civil War novel.

6. Where can we find you? In the brave little state of Vermont.  My husband and I are renovating a big, decrepit 1888 house, so, bring a tool belt if you stop by!  There will be pie!!  Failing that, my website is  Facebook hosts my author page:  Eileen Charbonneau Author and my email is:  I LOVE to hear from readers!

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What an interesting and varied life you've had Eileen.