Monday, February 28, 2011

The week of writing past and what's ahead. - Feb.28

Coming this week is an interview with Karen Wiesner the lead Jewel in Jewels of the Quill. She has written in many genres and has a lot of books out there in fiction as well as non-fiction. She was an acquaintance made in Omaha at the first EPICon and later became a friend through the Jewels. As usual tomorrow will have the Inspirations bit from Bird by Bird, Wednesday more on characters, Friday Becoming Your own Critique Partner Saturday a chapter, not sure which book but there are still a few in my quiver. Sunday I'll be visiting.

Am looking forward to next week when I head for Williamsburg and the EPIC conference. There will be blog posts missing unless I figure how to do them ahead.

As for my writing. Still working on Confrontations and will soon have it four fifths done. My goal is the end of March so we will see. Dreaming up adventures is a bit hard when you have so many characters and so many villains but it's moving.

Reading old books with a view to ridding my shelves of some. That's hard. Last week was revisiting Jenna Kernan, critique partner and great writer. Odd thing is that re-reading her earlier works is like discovering them again. Thanks for some great reads.


Sun Singer said...

You do manage to stay really busy.

writerwellness said...

Looking forward to Bird by Bird inspiration.
It's easy to pre-set your posts to launch while you're away. Go to new post and at the bottom of the box is a button "post options." Click here and a strip will appear. At the right are the date/time boxes. Click in each box and type the date/times you want the post to be released. It will happen automatically.
Good luck. Always enjoy your posts.
Joy Held
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