Monday, February 21, 2011

The week in review and what's ahead - Feb. 21, Contest winners

The winner of Healwoman - Dark Moon is Shannon Leigh. I'll get in touch with her later for an address to send it to. Anonymous, Cat's Lady and Candy Girl will receive a download of the Vanilla Heart book. I'll need an email from Anonymous. She can email me at Shady L 717 @ without the spaces.

Last week was just about the same as the other weeks with a lot of work on Confrontations. This book has taken me longer than most. Wonder if it's age or an unwillingness to let the characters go. Perhaps it could be because the next story up hasn't reached the point of I have to write this. That always spurs me to finish what I'm working on. I'm pretty much a one story at a time and I do envy people who can work on more than one at a time.

Are you a one book at a time or work on several at the same time?

Been re-reading books in my library and doing some sorting. I'm doing this alphabetically but some people write under more than one name. I was putting Kat Attalla's books off until I reached Taylor but decided to jump her to the head of my list of favorites. Homeward Bound will always be my favorite of all the ones she's written and I'm sure Sex and Key Lime Pie will come in second.

This week coming up Tuesday still on Bird by Bird, Wednesday more on Characterization, Thursday an interview, I'll add who in a bit. Friday is Becoming Your Own Critique Partner. Saturday another chapter. There are still a lot of books to go. Sunday more blogs to visit. The interview will be with Ann Patrick a fellow Jewel of the Quill

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