Monday, June 14, 2010

My Writing Life

I'm back to writing. Actually I've just finished two stories, one a novella and the other a full novel. Getting ready to send them out into the world. The Amber Tower is one of the Amber Chronicle stories done for a Jewels of the Qulll anthology. This one was harder to write than any of the others since the hero and heroine are kept apart. Like Rapunzel he's trapped in a tower for a month and to escape he must choose one of two princesses. The hard part was doing a courtship story when the two were separated. The second child to be sent into the world is the first of an alternate trilogy that in time will be a series of four trilogies not really related except that in each story a character is sent from our world to an ancient alternate world. The entire series is titled In Other Worlds. This one is Egypt but the title should probably be changed since there will be two other stories in that world. I think maybe The Warrior of Bast might be the title.

Another thing that happened in this writing world of mine told me a bit about my writing self or style or something. What I learned is I can't go back. I sent a book where my rights had been returned to another publisher. This short novel had been a fun one to write and was written on a dare, a spicy romance that earned a good bit of money during its stay at the publisher. What I received was a great letter with suggestions for revisions that would make the story a stronger one and one not so top heavy. The suggestions made sense but as I tried to make the changes, ideas came. I found I couldn't go back to something I'd written five or six years before. In my head it was done and not to be revisited. This may seem odd since I'm a Cancer with six planets in that sign. Cancers do love to hold on to old things. Must be Uranus, the planet of change sitting on my Ascendant that gives me the ability to move forward.

This brought up another idea. I have many writer friends and some who would like to be published. I see several things among them. One is sticking to the same old, same old story and not being able to reach for the next idea until they feel they've perfected what they're working on. Another is the lack of persistence. This sounds like a contradiction since they're persistent about the story they're working on. Persistence isn't for short term goals. It belongs to the long term. I'll be thinking about these things more in times to come


Shoshanna Evers said...

Congrats on your two new pieces, Janet! It was great seeing you on Saturday. I'm reworking a very old piece myself for Ellora's Cave - it was a book that I rewrote so completely that it's almost unrecognizable, but ultimately it's still the same Hero and Heroine from gosh, six years ago? Definitely a weird feeling, almost like visiting with old friends.

Wendy S Marcus said...

Hi Janet!
I'd like to recommend a blog to you: He just posted on world building, something I'm sure you are familiar with.

Also, I agree. It's very difficult to go back in and change an old story. Your writing style is different, and it's hard to get new ideas when the story already has a definite beginning, middle, and end in your head!

Congrats on your completed works! Sorry I missed you all on Saturday. I went to see Carole King and James Taylor. They were wonderful!

Jennifer Probst said...

I missed seeing you, Janet, but am very glad you are being so productive. I have been in a strange place where some of my older books can be completely re-written and re-marketed with some plot changes. I am trying to decide which one to concentrate on, but may find I am unable to do it. We shall see. If not, it is time to forge ahead with something new and take a risk.