Monday, May 24, 2010

My Writing Life

A new week and an almost new month. There will be some changes in my blog. Monday will be about what I'm doing, the gains in my wirting, the problems I'm having and other things about writing and my life. Tuesday will have excerpts from my books. Wednesday is genre days, Thursday interviews with published writers and Friday writing tips.

This week, the excerpt will be from Murder and Mint Tea, the genre Cozy Mysteries, the interview will be with Marilyn Meredith, a mystery writer who has been my friend since the first EPICON and Friday I'll finish up the Plotting segnment.

I am back from a trip begun in rain and ended in rain. Managed during the six days of travel with staying in a different place every night to do a bit of writing. Not as much as I wanted but rain travel is no fun. On the return trip, the rain was so heavy we missed the signs for an exit, fortunately not the one we needed. Spent some time with relatives and also with my husband's 50th medical school reunion. Seeing what time has done to people was interesting. The banquet had the worst food I've had for years. How can someone ruin crown roast been I'm not sure.

I'm back to the computer. Am completing the revisions of In Other Worlds -- Egypt and completing a draft of the Amber Tower. Have started the fourth and hopefully final book in the Henge Betrayed series, a YA fantasy. Also have to do some reading of things for the upcoming EPIC Ebook award since I decided to help herd writers with judging the contest. Also see what all I have for the historian role I volunteered to head the committee. Why I do these things I don't know but there's a part of me that hates to see a vaccuum.

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Wendy Marcus said...

Welcome back, Janet! Sorry about the roast beef, the rain, and the missed exit. Great job on getting writing done in the midst of it all!