Thursday, January 28, 2010


Writers get an idea and run with it to strange and interesting places. Let me show you how this works. I've always been interested in Ancient Egypt and have used it in one book but I wanted to do perhaps a time travel using the setting of the area where I've read many books. So I thought of a number of things that would be needed. Where was easy and that led me to do reading in one of the many books I have. Actually this was kind of an encyclopedia of Egypt. One thing I learned was there were no camels in Egypt until around 1 AD. That sort of took me on a turn. I really wanted camels and horses and chariots. This was when I decided I needed to cast the story in a different Egypt or an alternate world with enough the same to make the world recoganizable. Once I had the basic research done, I was ready to plan. To plan, I need to know how my story ends. I also plan the way I'm going to get there. Not that this is carved in stone and in future posts I'll show how this happened with this story and with other stories.

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