Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I went to EPICON deciding to do little but of course once there, I decided to volunteer to sit at the registration desk. Enjoy this since it allows me to meet and greet people. I did not get my wish. Carol blessed me for volunteering and asked if I would monitor several of the speakers. Now I hadn't planned on going to anything except maybe the publisher's panel. so I was prepared to be semi-bored. Not bored for a minute. The first panel was run by Lorna and Larry Collins, friends from Virginia Beach. They spoke about Money, Wealth and Happiness. Not at all what I expected but things I quite agreed with, especially the part about neither money or wealth brings happiness. Wealth sort of does but it's a wealth of friends that makes one happy.
Panel I should have gone to but ended up in the bookstore selling a few books. This was Reading on the IPhone. Not that I intend to do this but the speaker, Neelan Choksi was eye-candy. Had time to talk to him later and was proud of myself being able to carry on a normal conversation.
My second monitoring gig was for a panel run by Karen Hobson, Blogging For $$$. Here I learned some interesting facts. The best amount of posts to ones blogs should be Three times a week. Sporadic will never do it. So far I've failed in this area. I also learned I should have more than one blog since I write more than one kind of material. She suggested paying for someone to set up the initial blog and use the free ones to link to the blog. At present not for me.
Now for a bit about the KeyNote Luncheon and the speaker, Penny Sansevieri, a publicist who has a million good ideas and was a very energizing speaker. I bought her book about using the internet for promotion and will start using it soon.
When I blog tomorrow, I'll be talking about the faces I put to names and a lot of old friends.

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