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Join the authors at #MFRWHooks here for some fascinating excerpts Mine is found at and is from Nilos Book 3 of Moon Rising series


Return to the world where Midra and Midran rule. The god and goddess have two faces. Midra is Mistrees on the Moon and also Mistress of the Dark. Midran is Lord of light and Lord of shadows. Rons ago, the Three and Three rose, Seer, Warrior, Healer defeated the Lord of Shadows, though remnants of his worshipers remain. As generations pass in the four nomes of the land only a few remain to honor the Mistress. Once again the followers of Midran prevail, leaving trouble to roil beneath the surface. Prophecies abound and many point to change. Will the Three and Three come again?

In Nilos, Healwomen have become only midwives. Their hodara lies in ruins on the bank of the Nilos River in the city of Memphos. Only a few women come for training and remain in the city. Others serve in the highlands and on the desert. The Eldest, she who rules the midwives, sets upon a scheme fo bring the Three to life and to rule the nome.

What will happen when the Eldest sets her plan into action? Will there be just three women or will they find their opposites becoming the fabled Three and Three? Who will rule the changes to come?

Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2021

An evocative fantasy with hints of The Handmaid's Tale, when females are demoted to a servile role in their society. Ms. Walters spins a compelling story of struggle and empowerment. I must try the other books in this series.
Plus that cover is gorgeous!


Koben huddled beneath a tree and tried to rest. His stomach growled. He’d had nothing since the morning meal except some sips of water scooped from the brook. Maybe he should go home but he wasn’t sure what he might face. Why had his questions angered his father? He’d been right. Dianan had been as good a fighter as he was.

He straightened. Sounds unlike the usual night noises of the forest arose. Someone approached. Was there more than one? He listened but couldn’t decide. Had his father sent trackers after him? He had hoped they would wait until morning so he would be far from the forge. He had to find a hiding place. He crept through the growth and found an evergreen with drooping branches. He slithered beneath the branches until he pressed against the trunk. He drew his sword.

The moon played hide and seek among the clouds. The sounds drew closer. A lone figure approached. His mouth gaped. Dianan. She held a sword. Where had she stolen one? She continued past his hiding place. He slid out and stepped behind her. She whirled. Moonlight glittered on her silver sword.

“Dianan,” he said.

She grinned. “Thought you’d gone home.”

“I’m not going back. Did the Swordmaster give you a sword as a bribe to find me?”

She shook her head. :”He doesn’t know I left. He was taking me away today. I wasn’t about to go to some man’s inner court even if he was the Voice’s son.”

“Where did you get the sword?”

“I drew the blade from the elements just the way you did yours.”

Koben frowned. He remembered what his father had said. “Impossible.”

Dianan punched his shoulder. “Truth. I did.”

“How is that possible?”

She knelt and pressed her hands on the earth. Before long she held a knife to match the sword. She discarded the one she’d stolen from the kitchen. “Do you believe me now?”


“We’d better more on.”

“Do you have any food? All I’ve had is some water.”

She opened her pack and handed him a chunk of cheese and several pieces of flatbread. She walked away. “See you. You could be home by morning.”

“Where are you going?”

“As far from the forge as possible.” She paused. ‘There’s something calling me and I need to find the place.”


Daryl Devoré said...

Interesting twist on her being able to make a weapon

Adriana said...

I love the magic of being able to pull the weapon from the earth. Great excerpt!