Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More of My way

Now that I've given my characters their names I need to find more about them. Turning to one of the many Astrology books I have on my shelf, I decide what Sun sign each character will have. For those who will be major players I also find a Moon and a Rising sign for them. This gives me the Inner person, the emotional person and the face they show the world. Here's a bit about one of the characters. Tira is an Aries with a Cancer Moon and an Aries rising sign. This double bit of Aries can make her prone to leaping before looking, a love of martial arts, a deep sense of justice. The Cancer moon gives her a love of old things and a deep need to find someone to love. Betrayal really does a number on her. I then do this with the other major characters, usually the hero and the villain, if there is one. Not all books have bad guys but I do love creating them. That's part of my twisted mine. Then I look at physical descriptions, Other characteristics will develop as I'm writing the Character draft.

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