Monday, December 14, 2009

More on Shape Shifters -- Why

Many people have thought of becoming an animal. I know I have. The reason for this is probably unique to each individual. What animal would you like to be. I'd opt for a cat, not a small cat but lately I've been spending some time with the large cats. Lions are group oriented and there is strength in numbers but they're not my first choice. I'm quite partial to cheetahs. In Africa, they're the smallest of the large cats and the fastest. They're also pretty. Leopards are beautiful cats but more solitary than most of the large Africal cats. They eat alone even when they have cubs. That's more aloneness than I'd like.

Now we get to the why. Why do I want to be a cat rather than some other animal? I'm not a dog person. Wolves and bears aren't my thing either. I'd choose a cheetah for all the things I'm not. Fast, pretty and predatory. That may be what attracts us to shape shifters. They can do the things we can't or won't.

Any opinions.


Anonymous said...

LOVE Shapeshifters! I guess thats why I write about them (grin). Most of mine are cats, one breed or another, but I also have a few wolfies and a bear too. Still, I agree with you, the Cheetah is the kewlest. I think I will have to write one in my next book!

Great Blog!

Kari Thomas, Paranormal Romance Author,

Aubrie said...

I'm following your blog now! Thanks for the email yesterday.