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Join the authors at #MFRWHooks here   for some great excerpts. Mine is found at  Meet the Healers from Nilos.


Return to the world where Midra and Midran rule. The god and goddess have two faces. Midra is Mistrees on the Moon and also Mistress of the Dark. Midran is Lord of light and Lord of shadows. Rons ago, the Three and Three rose, Seer, Warrior, Healer defeated the Lord of Shadows, though remnants of his worshipers remain. As generations pass in the four nomes of the land only a few remain to honor the Mistress. Once again the followers of Midran prevail, leaving trouble to roil beneath the surface. Prophecies abound and many point to change. Will the Three and Three come again?

In Nilos, Healwomen have become only midwives. Their hodara lies in ruins on the bank of the Nilos River in the city of Memphos. Only a few women come for training and remain in the city. Others serve in the highlands and on the desert. The Eldest, she who rules the midwives, sets upon a scheme fo bring the Three to life and to rule the nome.

What will happen when the Eldest sets her plan into action? Will there be just three women or will they find their opposites becoming the fabled Three and Three? Who will rule the changes to come?

Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2021

An evocative fantasy with hints of The Handmaid's Tale, when females are demoted to a servile role in their society. Ms. Walters spins a compelling story of struggle and empowerment. I must try the other books in this series.
Plus that cover is gorgeous!


Etan groaned and opened his mouth for another gulp of water. Who? Where was he? He forced his eyes open. The sun stood high in the sky. Grass surrounded him. He knew he’d done that. Then he saw the woman. His eyes widened. Was he looking at himself?

“Who are you?” He noticed a pale yellow camma tearing mouthfuls of grass.

“Geria and who are you?”

“Etan.” He shook his head. “You could be me.”

She nodded. “Besa, my nurse, told me I had a twin. On the day of our birth a priest took my brother away. Are you a priest?”

He drew a deep breath. “The priest died. He asked Ma Nefru to care for me. She trained me as a thief. Then I grew and became a gardener. Why are you here?

“I couldn’t stay at the wadi any longer. My mother is a midwife but she is troubled by evil. When she learned I helped ill people she beat me until I nearly died.”

“Our lives are much the same. Ma Nefru had me beaten and abandoned because I wanted to give food from the garden to homeless children.”

“Where will you go?”

He managed a sitting position. His body didn’t ache as much as he feared. “I thought to the desert to find the woman who gave me away.”

She leaned forward. ‘She would have killed you. Besa told me our mother believed when the priest took you away both would die.”

“Where are you headed?”

She stood and turned a circle and then pointed. “Something pulls me in that direction.”

“Toward the mountains. Why?”

“I don’t know why. First I must go to Memphos and see what supplies I can buy. I’ll also need to find some kind of riding beast.” She pulled a wand from her pack and ran her hands over the length.

His eyes narrowed. “Where did you get that?”

“Besa gave this to me. She said once the wand had a green gem and was carried by a healer.”

Etan leaned closer. “I had one like that but the first time I was caught giving food away, Ma took it.”

She opened her pack. “I have a little food left. Maybe you can help me in the market.”

He nodded. “I could. We might need to find an inn or some place to shelter if the bargaining takes too long. Then you can sell the camma and buy supplies. The beast should bring enough coins to buy all you need. I would go with you to this place that calls you.”

She nodded. “Not being alone would be good and having someone who knows the city will be helpful. Not to mention a brother I have just found.” She shared the remaining food in her pack.


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Maggie Blackbird said...

This is great introduction of the two healers, and finding out they are twins is even more intruiging.

Daryl Devoré said...

Bit tricky to read as words on the right and left side were cut off. But the parts I could read - interesting to meet the healers.

Adriana said...

something happened to the words on the right side of the page, hard to read.
But so glad they've found each other.