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The Virgo Pisces Connection is featured on Thursday's Opening Scene #BWLAuthor 3MFRWAuthor #romance #medical #Virgo #Pisces

 The alarm blared and jerked Megan from a dream she wished hadn’t ended. During the night she had found him, the perfect man for her. Though she hadn’t seen his face, his hair was dark and his eyes were hazel. She sighed. She’d had this dream before but her dreams never came true. She sat up and touched her toes. Prince Charming had vanished like mist as had the three men she had recently dated. Their attitudes and aspirations had told her they weren’t right. She rubbed her eyes, slid from the bed and dashed to the bathroom to begin her morning routine.

Fifteen minutes later, she sat at the kitchen table and turned a coffee mug in circles. One gulp of the aromatic brew did nothing to jump start her enthusiasm for the day ahead. A long sigh escaped.

Every day for months, her eagerness to head across the street to the hospital had lessened. A year ago when she’d started working on the Oncology unit, she had welcomed the challenge. Since that day, twenty of her favorite patients had died. The past week had been the worst of her career. Two of her patients had died. With dread, she waited for the third. These days she felt as though a sinkhole had opened beneath her, leaving her dangling with no way to escape.

Move. Time to go. She had never been late to work a day in her life. Not happening today. With a sigh, she stuffed a pen holder, her keys and money in the pocket of her pink scrubs. While pulling on her sheepskin lined jacket, she rode the elevator to the ground floor. The town clock chimed the quarter hour. She would make the seven AM start.

As she trudged across the street, the brisk breeze of the February morning made her shiver. A pale sun shone through clusters of gathering clouds. She pulled open the door of the employees’ entrance and paused at the time clock to punch in.

Her friend Suzanna Winstone dashed inside and grabbed her card. “Megan, guess what?” Her voice rang with excitement.

“You’re pregnant.” Just like three others of the Grantley Gang.

Suzanna smacked Megan’s arm. “Are you crazy? I’ve only been married for weeks.”

“I figured with Jenessa, Cate and Lauren ready to increase Eastlake’s population, you were next. Might be catching.” She walked toward the elevators.

Suzanna laughed. “Caleb and I found a house. Lauren’s place is waiting for you.”

“Don’t expect me to move in. I’m happy in my apartment.” She rang for the elevator. Lauren’s house had seen four of the six members of the Grantley Gang finding love while living there. Wouldn’t work for her. Her perfect man existed only in her dreams. She stepped into the elevator.

Suzanna followed. “Lunch?”

“I’ll let you know.”

When Megan reached the unit, she checked the assignment sheet before cornering the night nurse for report on her four patients. Then she began rounds and started care. Death hovered in her thoughts. Who? When? Mr. Phelps was going home. Though not cured, he had gone into remission. Then on to Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Brown. She quickly completed their morning care and treatments. Both responded favorably toward their chemotherapy.

Megan entered the room of her favorite patient and rubbed her arms to chase a sudden chill. The five year old girl looked so tiny and frail. A virulent type of leukemia had drained the child rapidly. The little girl’s color nearly matched the white sheets. Megan drew a deep breath. Though the night nurse had assessed Bonnie’s condition as stable, Megan knew the woman had been optimistic.

Not today. Please. As certainty entered her thoughts, her stomach lurched.

“Morning, Button.” She waited for the child to open her eyes and make her usual response. The little girl’s eyes remained closed. She didn’t speak. Megan cleared her throat and tried again, hoping to hear “Not Button. I Bonnie.”

The child’s eyelids fluttered open exposing her dark eyes. Bonnie seemed to stare at a point in the distance. Slowly, she focused on Megan. “Tell…Mama…Not be …sad…Hurt gone.”

The whispery voice brought a cold shiver. Megan checked Bonnie’s pulse. An erratic beat bounded against her fingers. Shallow breaths were interrupted by long pauses. Megan’s fears deepened. She pulled her cell phone free and dialed the number taped to the bedside stand.

“Mrs. Mellis, Megan Carter here. I’m Bonnie’s nurse. You need to come at once.”

“Is she?”

“No, but she’s very weak.” Urgency filled her voice. She prayed the woman would arrive in time. She bit her lip to keep from crying. Why this child? Why now?

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Nilos Healwomen #MFRWHooks #BWLAuthor #romancy #fantasy #swords #sorcery


Join the authors at #MFRWHooks for some great excerpts. Mine is found at and is from Nilos


Return to the world where Midra and Midran rule. The god and goddess have two faces. Midra is Mistrees on the Moon and also Mistress of the Dark. Midran is Lord of light and Lord of shadows. Rons ago, the Three and Three rose, Seer, Warrior, Healer defeated the Lord of Shadows, though remnants of his worshipers remain. As generations pass in the four nomes of the land only a few remain to honor the Mistress. Once again the followers of Midran prevail, leaving trouble to roil beneath the surface. Prophecies abound and many point to change. Will the Three and Three come again?

In Nilos, Healwomen have become only midwives. Their hodara lies in ruins on the bank of the Nilos River in the city of Memphos. Only a few women come for training and remain in the city. Others serve in the highlands and on the desert. The Eldest, she who rules the midwives, sets upon a scheme fo bring the Three to life and to rule the nome.

What will happen when the Eldest sets her plan into action? Will there be just three women or will they find their opposites becoming the fabled Three and Three? Who will rule the changes to come?


Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2021
An evocative fantasy with hints of The Handmaid's Tale, when females are demoted to a servile role in their society. Ms. Walters spins a compelling story of struggle and empowerment. I must try the other books in this series.
Plus that cover is gorgeous!


The Eldest, ruler of the midwives, entered the ruined remains of the hodara. Once the Healwomen, Sworn to Midra, Mistress of the Moons, resided here. People from the nome had come here to seek healing. She reached the banks of the Nilos River. The churning waters of the life-bringer rushed toward the sea. Anger roiled her thoughts. Her hands clenched.

Why had the Healwomen lost their standing in the land? Once they had walked hand in hand with the priests of Midran. Her gut churned with desire, not to stand with the priests but to rule over them.

I am a Healwoman. Those words rang loud in her thoughts. Though the title remained an empty promise, she vowed to find a way. The few women who entered had dwindled. Those who had once dwelled in the House of Healing had been relegated to the status of midwives. Where they once had been considered vital to the land their reputation lay in tatters.

She moved away from the edge of the river and reached a deep depression where chunks of stone had been ripped away and carried to the city. Much of the newer buildings in Memphos had been made from the granite of the hodara. Where she stood had once been the healing pool. The ill and injured had come to bathe in the warm water before entering one of the Halls to be treated by the Senior Healwomen. She should have been one of them.

The change had come long before her birth. As the last of a line of Elders extending back for generations, she was a failure. She had failed to give birth to a daughter. To her disgrace, she had one child, a son. He’d been taken by his father when the boy reached his fifth year. Failure had honed her determination. She had dreams and plans to restore the reputation of the Healwomen. I will succeed.

She stumbled over a protruding stone and nearly fell. Her hand hit a piece of rubble that moved. A bit of parchment showed from beneath the rock. She stooped and carefully moved the piece of granite and grasped the scrap.

After finding a place to sit, she read the words. The Three…Seer, Warrior, Healer…come again…unite with.

Those few words rocketed into her thoughts.  Destined.  She’d always known a way would be found. What else had been written on the torn shard? She wished for more. Her hopes flew like prayers to Midra, Mistress of the moons.

The Eldest planned. She would be the one to find the fabled Three and thus erase her failure. She slid the scrap into the pocket of her divided skirt. Were there more pieces of parchment to guide her?

Though she overturned other stones and rocks in what had once been the scriptorium, she found no other bits. Her excitement remained high. What she’d found was a gift from the Mistress and she would use what she had learned.

Thoughts of triumph raised a broad smile. I will be the one. The Three will come. The Seer, Warrior and Healer called by the Mistress of the Moons will bring change to Nilos. The midwives would regain their proper position in Nilos. Once again, they will be called Healwomen. A new hodara would be built.

She rose and crossed the road to the wall surrounding the house where she lived with the other women considered mere midwives. Moments later, she opened the beaded curtain and entered her office.

Plans to make. Three young women, each to birth a girl, must be found. Her eyes closed as she thought of the women living in this house and the few assigned to the highlands.

Not many young women sought to join the midwives. Most were middle-aged. Of the five who were of a good age to bear a child one had just joined, two had nearly completed their training and two were poor choices. Finding a willing man for them would mean coins they didn’t have.

For the fathers, young men would be best. They must possess good blood lines. Most under consideration were priests of Midran. One of that ilk was her son. Though he was a few years older than the others, his lines were pure. The daughter to come would be of her heritage, making her failure less. Tomorrow she would begin to implement her plan.



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Love Plot is featured as Tuesday's Writer's Tip #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #writing #plot #Love

 Just think of the kinds of love and remember this, the course of love never seems to run smoothly. Boy meets girl and something is around to keep them apart. Remembering there are many kinds of love means there are many ways any love story can go. There is "forbidden" love. Definitely won't go smoothly. Some great stories have been written about forbidden love. Sometimes the obstacles aren't forbidden and still the love doesn't go smoothly but the chances are things will happen to make this love work. But this is not easily done.

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Monday, February 26, 2024

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Reading #Writing #Thoughts

 Meander 1 - Reading - At presentam reading an Andre Norton fantasy that's excellent. The heroine has a mirror that can enhance her power and she must us it to help others. She is basically a Healer.

Meander 2 - Thoughts - There is a primary in s. Carolina. I don't think I want either Trump or Haley to win. I do not like the things they stand for. Republicans want to turn theclockback to when women had no rights. I remember how when we lived in Texas, this was before my second son was born. I could not have a checking or savings account in my own name, though i could in Pa and Ohio. If I hadn't been married, my father would have to be on the accounts with me and if he wasn't around, a brother could take that place. Ridiculous.

Meander 3 - Writing - Am moving along with Keltoi and will soom reach the end of the second re-writing. Then it will be time to check and see what needs to be added and then what I will do with the story.

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The Virgo Pisces Connection is featured as Sunday's Book #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #romance #medical


Pisces Megan experiences burnout. Her third witnessed death on the Oncology Unit in a week is too much for her to handle. Going to her apartment and being alone isn't to her taste. Of all the Grantley Gang, she is the only one not married. She tries to resign from the hospital and is persuaded to take a month of her accumulated vacation time first. Avoiding her five friends, Megan rushes from town, not knowing or caring where she is going. Escaping the ghosts of the dead is her primary goal. During a blinding snowstorm, she crashes into the life of Dave Malloy MD.

Dave is a Virgo a traveling doctor going from assignment to assignment over the country. He's decided two things. One is to settle and gather moss. The other is to find his sister lost years ago when they were sent to two different foster homes. He has found her and vows to rescue her from an abusive situation. When Megan lands against a tree at the house where he is staying, he finds her very attractive. But can he act on this attraction when he must care for her after the accident and his decision she is a patient?

Together, they must find his sister and hope they aren't too late.

Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2022

I love reading medical romance always wanted to go into medical field but did not so I read about them instead loved the story was easy to read with a happy ending

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Three Books by Gayle Irwin are featured on Saturday's Blurbs Sweet romance #Pet rescue #dogs #marine biologist #animal sanctuary #lost dog



Will a chance at new love open their hearts or will a family member’s revengeful plot tear them apart?

Brittany Christiansen knows heartbreak and isn’t ready to take another chance on love. Her focus is her career as a marine biologist. However, when she encounters Gary Anderson, a man she met years ago, the bricks around her heart begin to fall. Can she trust and love again?

Gary first met Brittany years ago while volunteering at a Wyoming animal sanctuary. He never forgot her although her heart belonged to someone else. When he returns to his friends’ Montana ranch, he learns Brittany is no longer romantically attached. Should he take the chance this time?

Just as they allow the armor to slip and expose their vulnerability, Gary’s unscrupulous uncle returns to Montana, seeking revenge on those who put him in jail years before. That includes Brittany’s aunt and uncle. Will the man’s ruthless tactics tear Brittany and Gary apart or will love, and the law, prevail?

Paws-itively Love: A Pet Rescue Romance Novella (Yellowstone Country):



Broken hearts and coveted lands divide them – can fences and lives be mended?

Freelance writer Rhiann Kelly gave up on romance years ago. Her dream of starting an animal sanctuary takes deep roots when she finds the perfect location in southwestern Montana, land once owned by her grandmother's family that she purchases for back taxes. Without her beloved Grams beside her, however, Rhiann questions her decision.

Levi Butler, Colter Montana's beloved EMS supervisor, knows his elderly friend, George, left the property to him in his will. Levi anxiously awaits the finalized probate so he can plan his retirement and begin his dream of raising and selling horses.

When Rhiann and Levi find each other at the ranch, sparks fly - and not the romantic kind. Yet their mutual attraction deepens as they spend more time together, especially when unscrupulous land developer Dallas Patterson sets his sights on obtaining the ranch.

Can Rhiann and Levi find a solution in which neither needs to give up their dream? Will their broken paths, and broken hearts, allow them to travel the rescue road together?

Rescue Road: A Pet Rescue Novel (Yellowstone Country):



Will the grandeur of the Teton Mountain Range and the discovery of a lost dog help two people wary of love open their hearts once more?


Two months after her divorce finalizes, Rachel Baker escapes to the GBarN Ranch and Resort in western Wyoming. A winter vacation of outdoor activities and quality time with her younger sister amid the majestic Teton Mountains is Rachel’s holiday gift to herself. While on a cross-country ski trek, she spies what she thinks is a wolf. She is fascinated and mystified by her discovery. Additional discoveries await her during this holiday vacation.


Nature photographer and outdoor activities coordinator, Nick Fenton, is skeptical of Rachel’s sighting of a wolf. When he and Rachel see the animal a few minutes later, he realizes they’ve found London, a husky lost during a dog-sled training race earlier in the season. Together, they help reunite the dog with his owner. Like Rachel, Nick carries his scars from a previous marriage and is hesitant to let his guard down.


Can Rachel and Nick set aside their hurts as they discover more than a lost dog in the shadow of the glorious Mount Moran?

In the Shadow of Mount Moran: A Pet Rescue Holiday Romance (Yellowstone Country):



Friday, February 23, 2024

Gayle Irwin is visiting and talking about Who She Was Before #MFRWAuthor #author #education coordinator #sweet romances #Pet Rescue series


What Were You Before

Day 1

1. What were you before you became an author? Did this influence your choices as a writer?

 I worked in a variety of jobs prior to becoming a fulltime author and freelance writer. I served as a volunteer and education coordinator for a cultural interpretive center and, prior to that, at an wildlife sanctuary. I’ve also been a reporter and an editor for various newspapers. I’ve been a writer for nearly 40 years, in various capacity.

2. Are you genre specific or general? I don’t mean major genres but subdivisions or romance, mystery or paranormal.

I primarily write sweet romance that weaves pet rescue and adoption into the love story. I’ve also written children’s stories and Christian devotions. I enjoy entertaining readers with overlays of life lessons.

3. What is your latest release?

Paws-itively Love published on Valentine’s Day. It is the seventh, and final, book in my Pet Rescue Romance – Yellowstone Country series, a sweet romance book series set in the area of Yellowstone National Park.

4. What are you working on now?

I have two stand-alones planned for 2024, a sweet billionaire romance set in western Montana called Pawprints on My Heart, and a Christmas story titled Tails of Love, set in central Wyoming. These stories also weave pet rescue and adoption into the love story.

5. Does your reading choices influence your choice of a writing career?

With books, yes – I prefer sweet, clean, and/or inspirational romance and cozy mysteries. For my freelance writing career, not really – I take assignments given, but I also pitch ideas to the editors for whom I work, and sometimes they accept those ideas and sometimes not. I’ve written on a variety of topics, from stories about war veterans and about energy development in Wyoming to nature essays and a piece on Missing and Murdered Indigenous People, for which I won an award from the Wyoming Press Association.


6. Where can we find you?


Facebook: (personal) and (author page)



Amazon Author Page:

Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Leo Aquarius Connection is featured on Thursday's Opening Scene #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #romance #Leo #Aquarius #medical #astrological

 As Caleb Winstone rode the elevator to the fifth floor of Eastlake Community, the familiar aromas shouting hospital engulfed him. Though slightly different from the scents of his last placement, they smelled of coming home. Exhaustion threatened to swamp him but he had places to visit and things to accomplish before he sought sleep.

The indicator flashed five. The doors parted and he stepped out to face the nurses’ station. A half dozen women stared and collectively sighed.

“Enter the handsome doctor.”

Gasps and giggles greeted him.

Caleb felt his face heat. Had he really said that? He considered a strategic retreat but the elevator doors had closed. Though he’d been called handsome often enough, he had no reason for the blatant announcement.

A burst of male laughter interrupted his swirling thoughts. “Hello, Caleb. You certainly know how to make an entrance.” A tall blond man rounded the end of the desk and offered his hand,

“Alex Carter, good to see you again.”

Alex clasped his hand. “Are you in town for good?”

“Looks that way. I’ve joined Joe Grogan’s practice.” Caleb grinned. “Blame my announcement on jet lag. Arrived this morning from London where I spent three months studying respiratory diseases in children.”

“Have you been home?”

Caleb shook his head. “Came straight here. Decided to complete the paperwork and get my parking pass and then go to the office before I go home. I’m meeting Joe at one thirty at the office. Actually, I’m in no hurry to reach the stone mansion.”

Alex nodded. “Are they still upset over your career choice?’

“Naturally. They equate my straying from the financial sphere as a betrayal like they did when I chose swimming over football in high school.”

“Shame. Let me introduce you to today’s crew.” Alex walked to the desk.

The nurses smiled. Were they hiding laughter? He felt sure his appearance and words would make the rounds.

Alex grinned. “Ladies, this is Caleb Winstone, the newest addition to our staff. He’s joining Dr. Joe and vying for the handsome doctor award.”

Caleb shook his head. Years ago Alex had been a tease. His first wife’s behavior had soured him. The second marriage had brought a welcome change. “I’ll get you.”

Alex mentioned name after name until they reached the tall brunette at the end of the desk. Her lab coat marked her as the unit’s nurse manager.

“Caleb, Jenessa Bradshaw, Acting Nurse Manager. Her husband is Director of Nursing.”

“Glad to meet you,” Caleb said. “Sorry about the grand entrance.”

She laughed. “You said what we were thinking.”

“Don’t encourage him,” Alex said. “Half the girls in high school followed him around.”

“The other half followed you.” Caleb turned to Jenessa. “Why are you just acting nurse manager?”

“Our newly hired one was to start two months ago but a family emergency intervened. She’s starting on Monday.”

“She must be special.”

“She is. She’s a nurse practitioner.”

“I’m impressed.”

Jenessa smiled. “Let me give you a quick tour.”

Caleb walked beside her. “Is the name of this new nurse a secret?”

“I forgot you weren’t here during the selection process. She’s a friend from my class at Grantley.”

Alex nodded. “She’s one of the infamous Grantley Gang. You were seldom home back then to know about their antics.” He turned to Jenessa. “Are we holding a welcoming party to celebrate the event?”

“I would tell you to ask your wife but just the Gang minus Rick,” Jenessa said. “She’ll be tied up at Rehab getting her brother settled.”

Caleb halted. “Just who is this person?”

“Suzanna Rollins,” Jenessa said. “She worked at City.”

Caleb held in a groan. Not her. Not here. He prayed his face didn’t show his feelings. Of all the women in the world to invade his space. Suzanna Rollins had no use for him. Their days of dating hadn’t ended well.

“Do you know her?”

Caleb shrugged. “I may have seen her a time or two.” Or more. They had dated for several months until the night he’d asked her to give up her job and move in with him. All her expenses would be paid. All she had to do was warm his bed.

His cheek still stung with the memory of her reaction. She’d walked away. He’d managed to avoid her and leaped at the chance to spend three months in London on Respiratory Problems in Children seminar.

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Healwoman Mabe #MFRWHooks #BWLAuthor #fantasy #romantasy #romance #swords #sorcery


Join the authors at #MFRWHooks here for some great excerpts. Mine is found at andis from Healwoman Book 2 of Moon Rising


Born under a dark moon, Norna has to battle rumors that she is tainted by evil and unworthy of being anything more than a servant. Discarded by her mother, she runs away from her aunt, a priestess who wants her to enter the temple.
Instead, Norna chooses to be a Healwoman, and a chance encounter with a novice hoping to be a priest helps her discover she has talents of water, air and fire at her disposal. With these gifts she is called on to battle treachery and attempts to prevent the promised prophecy of the god and goddess. As she battles evil powers, she loses her heart to Shandor, the man she met when her journey first began. She must come to grips with Britha who plots against her. Shandor has his own enemy Vorgan. When the pair of foes unite, the battles begin.

Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2014

Top reviews from other countries

Rosemary Morris
5.0 out of 5 stars Enthralling Fantasy Fiction Page Turner
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 22, 2018

Susan Lloyd
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant read
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 27, 2014

honey monster
5.0 out of 5 stars Give it a chance
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 8, 2014


The Hodara of Healing in Bethsada


Mabe sat on one of the stone benches in the Grotto.  The Eldest had called her here and she didn’t know why.  She didn’t think she had done anything to deserve a judging, but why else would the god and goddess want her presence?  Soon, the moon would rise and she would dip her hands in the chill waters of the crater lake.  Midra and Midran would speak.  The only time she had heard their voices had been the night she’d finished her training and had been accepted as a Healwoman.  She rubbed her hands along her arms.

The Eldest touched her shoulder.  “The time is near.  There are things I must tell you.”

“Are you sure ’tis me they want?”

“You are part of their plans for the future.”  The old woman smiled.  “In the days of yore, the Three of Midra--Seer, Warrior, Healer--united with their mates.  Together they defeated those who embraced the dark faces of Midra and Midran.  For a time, the priestesses and priests who served the god and goddess walked in the light and brought miracles to the land.  But as time rolled on its circular path, what was once came again.  The dark face of Midra enthralled the priestesses.  They turned from the light.  Then the power of the goddess faltered.  Midran drew his priests into the shadows.  Still, what was will come again.”

Mabe nodded.  She’d read the old tales kept in the archives.  She had found them fascinating, but were they true?  They told of the days when the face of the goddess had darkened.  ’Twas then the Healwomen had walked away from the temples to found their own place.  In the years that followed, the temples had ruled and men had little power in ruling any of the four divisions of the land now known as nomes.  Gradually, the priests of Midran had gained strength, first in the light.  Then they had embraced the dark face of the god.

She glanced at the dome over the cavern.  Rays of moonlight shone through the four crescent shaped holes, one for each nome.  Keltoi, Sippal, Nilos and Incal.  Bands of color--red, yellow, blue and white--spread across the water.  The arrival of the colors never failed to startle and amaze Mabe.  What caused them to appear?  She turned to the Eldest.  “What do the legends have to do with me?”

“One will come from Keltoi.  She is a daughter of this nome.  Her lineage rises from the Seer, the Warrior, the Healer and their spouses.  She will have four talents and will be the gleaner who finds the Four and Four.  One pair for each nome.  They will bring light from darkness.  You will seek and find her.  Bring her to Bethsada so she can enter the hodara and learn.”

Mabe nodded and accepted the task.  She felt both humbled and excited to be chosen.  “When do I leave?”

The Eldest rose.  “The god and goddess will tell you when.”  She placed her hands on Mabe’s head.  “Seek their blessing.  Their commands are for you alone.”

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