Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The Rivalry Plot is featured as Tuesday's Writer's Tip #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Plot #writing #Rivalry

 The Rivalry plot is one I've used aeveral times. This plot has two characters wanting the same thing. Of the two, one may be the right one and one not. Or both could ahve good qualities but only one can win. This plot can be used in many genres but only one can win.

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Monday, October 30, 2023

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #reading #writing #thoughts

 Meander 1 - Reading - Am reading some Regencies. Hoping to get the historical feel for when I begin on the one I found outlined.

Meander 2 - Thoughts - so there now is a new Speaker and all the Reps voted him in. Do not like the things I've been reading about the man. He is a fanatic and I fear he believes the church should control the government. We are not just a Christian land but one who recognizes everyone's right to worship in their way. Is there an inquisition in out future. I pray not.

Meander 3 - Writing - Have drafted Chapters 7 and 8 of Keltoi. Looks like the rough draft will end up around 30,000 words meaning could be a long book.

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Sunday, October 29, 2023

Past Betrayals, Past Loves is featured as Sunday's Book #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Romance #contemporary #historical


A curse sends Astrid on a journey to ancient lands. She meets deceit and betrayal searching for true love and to break the curse. The search begins in Egypt. When she touches an ancient Egyptian necklace she is hurtled through time into the turbulent life of another woman. She discovers the words spoken in anger holding her spirit captive. Seven more times she finds a piece of jewelry and returns to a distant past. In each of these lives she encounters and falls in love with a man who seems to be someone recently met in her present as do the enemy man and woman.

The heat between Astrid and Duncan is instant and becomes incandescent. Her dislike of two characters grows. Eight realms await her. Eight chances break the curse holding her spellbound and to end the cycle of past betrayals and find love. Eight chances to foil the evil man and woman who follow her and Duncan from era to era.

Friday, October 27, 2023

Friday - The current trend of writing in present tense #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #writing #first person #present tense

 Today is a free day on the blog since I had no takers for an interview. I decided to write abotu something that bothers me. I enjoy books written in first person. I believe this is great for mysteries, especially the cozy kind. But I've been reading some that totally turn me off. They are written in present tense. For me for a story to be written means it ahs taken place already. Being in present tense, I am constantly rewriting in my head. I talked to a friend about this. She agreed with me. It hasn't been mysteries she's been reading but more romance. She and I both thing first person present tense love scenes make us uncomfortable and like vouyers looking in places where we don't want to be. What is your opinion here?

This style of writing makes me feel creepy and I strongly dislike it

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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Thursday The Opening Scene for Heart Throb is featured #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Romance #Medical #Older heroine #younger hero

 Magda Malone jammed her hands in the pockets of her white lab coat and felt the fabric rip.  Just what she needed to add a bit of anger to what she’d just been asked to do.  Why wouldn’t he understand no meant absolutely not?

            Her jaw clenched.  The temptation to commit an act of violence hovered like a giant thunderhead.  She stared out the window of her office on the fifth floor of Rivertown Memorial Hospital and shoved her fury into a corner of her mind.

            Sucking in a deep breath, she turned to her colleague and friend.  At the moment, she wasn’t sure friend was operative.  “Would you repeat your question?”

            “Could you come to dinner tonight?”  the cardiologist asked.

            That wasn’t the portion of the original question she wanted to hear.  “I believe there was more.”

            “Like I said.  Nothing formal.  It’s not a party or anything.”

            “Come on.  Say what you said before.  I need to be sure I’m not going deaf.”

            “Lin and I want you to meet my new partner.  He’s her cousin and a really great guy.”

            Magda glared.  “Ben, I’m not letting you off the hook.  What did you want me to do with this man?”

            He studied his hands.  “Was just a suggestion, not an order.”

            “And that was?”

            “You can show him a good time.”  He joined her at the window.

            She arched a brow.  “A good time as in...”  Her voice trailed away.  She thought she had grasped his suggestion, but she wanted to hear the words repeated.  Then she would stomp.  “Does your wife know you’re soliciting?”

            “What?”  His round face reddened.  “That’s not what I...well, maybe...just...couldn’t you make him happy to be in Rivertown?  If you two don’t click, you could show him around the...dating scene.  You know what I mean.  Lin and I want him to settle here.”

            Magda shook her head.  “Spit it out, Doctor.”  Anger oozed from the dark corner and colored her voice.  “Just how do I accomplish your purpose?”

            He stared at the window.  “Anything it takes.”

            “No deal.”  She clipped the words.  Would he understand why she was so angry?

            “Mag, come on.  Wasn’t I there for you when you needed a shoulder.  I need a partner who will stay, especially now.”

            Magda sighed.  Ben and Linda had been there when she’d needed them, but he was asking for too much.  “Why me?”

            “Men like you.  You like them and --”

            “Don’t say it.”  She stalked to the desk and stared at the stack of folders needing her attention.  “I don’t want to lose a good friend, but you’re treading on the brink.”

            “I didn’t mean you had to...you know...”

            She rested her hands on the cool metal surface.  “Let us set the record straight.  I choose the men I want in my life.  I don’t need anyone, not even a good friend, fixing me up with a man.”

            “I hear you.”  He sank on the chair across from the desk.  “Lin said you’re bored with the local dating scene.  Come to dinner.  If you don’t like Eric, you can leave.  If you do, who knows what will happen.  Give me one good reason you’re being so stubborn.”

            Was the invitation his idea or his wife’s?  Sure she’d told her friend about the lack of interesting and eligible men in the area.  Did it matter who had dreamed up this scheme?  She wasn’t about to accept.  Her friends had heard her views time and again.  She wasn’t about to repeat them.  “What do I always say?”

            “You don’t play where you work.”

            “Sounds like you’ve heard me.”

            “But --”

            “Been there.  Done that.  Got burned.”

            He rolled his eyes.  “But you received a nice divorce settlement.  Give my new partner a chance.  What can you lose?”

            My independence, she thought.  “Goodbye, Ben.”  She pointed to the door.  “There’s a large flock of available women out there who would be glad, even eager, to meet an available doctor.  I can name a dozen who are closer to his age.”

            “So he’s a bit younger.  What’s seven years?”  He backed to the door.

            “Almost half a generation.  See you.”

            He opened the door.  “Eric has a thing for older women.”

            “Good for him.  Ask Mabel Gray to dinner.”

            “Older.  Not ancient.”

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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Committee of Angels #MFRWHooks #BWLAuthor #Medical #romance #mystery # suspense #second chance


Join the Authors at #MFRWHooks here  http://mfrwbookhooks.blogspot.com  for some intriguing excerpts. Mine is found at eclecticwriter.blogspot.com and is from Committee of Angels, a romantic suspense story


The article passed around the table on a hot August night. “Five to ten percent of the nation’s doctors are so impaired or incompetent they cannot or should not practice medicine.” The nurses at Bradley Memorial thought they had them all. That night they formed a group they called The Committee of Angels.

Nearly a year has passed and Laura Bancroft wonders why little has been done to change things. She also wonders about some of the nurses fitting the pattern. Laura has three doctors on her list of incompetents. She seldom meets with the other members and several of the others are upset with her. When her ex-husband joins the medical staff, she realizes she still has feelings for him. One of her list of doctors dies after emergency surgery and Laura finds her suspected since she was assigned to the doctor. She must deal with suspicions, her feelings for her ex. Then a second on her list commits suicide and speaks of blackmail.

Can Laura learn the truth of who is responsible before she faces arrest?

Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2022

Book Review: Committee of Angels by Janet Lane Walters

1st sentence: Laura scurried down the hospital corridor, feeling like the White Rabbit.

Murder and mayhem with doctors and nurses spike a nicely paced ‘who dunnit.’ Ms. Walters pens the most intriguing characters, and this story pacts a punch bowl full of them.

Excellent gripping read with a surprise and satisfying ending. Couldn’t put the book down once I started. Highly recommended for anyone who likes mysteries and medical dramas with a nice touch of romance.


The straining air conditioner barely managed to keep the temperature inside Charlie’s a tad cooler than the August heat outside. At ten minutes to midnight the temperature outside registered at eighty-nine. The humid air hung heavy.

Laura Bancroft paused inside the door of the dimly lit bar area of the restaurant. She walked to the large booth at the rear of the narrow rom. For a moment she wondered why she’d come. Her hectic schedule as an evening nurse, being a single mother and working on her master’s degree made joining her colleagues a seldom event.

Several nurses waved and slid along the curved bench. The dark-haired man seated at the end brushed a kiss on her cheek. “Glad you decided to come.”

Laura leaned against the padded back of the booth. “I’m free tonight. Stacey has a weekend sleepover and Dad invited his buddies for cards.”

His hand covered hers. “You’re free tomorrow. So am I. I’ve an idea. Come home with me.”

Laura sighed. Should she? She liked him. They shared classes at the local university as they both were working for a Master’s degree. Her hands tightened. Lately she’d felt uncomfortable. Moving beyond friendship seemed impossible.

Before she refused the waitress arrived with a tray of glasses. “The one with the straw is the soda.”

Laura took that glass. “Thanks for remembering.”

“You seldom indulge in alcohol.” He turned his beer mug in circles.

Exhaustion swept through Laura’s body. She bent her head and sipped the cola savoring the taste and the coolness on her dry throat. She listened to the gossip sweeping around the table.

“So I said,” One of the nurses began. “Doesn’t an elevated temp three days after surgery men something’s brewing.” She groaned. “This is the third pending infection for Blunder Doctor this month.”

“And it’s only August sixth,” another nurse said. “Give him a chance to better his record.”

“Guess what Princess Doc said this afternoon. “Don’t call me. Call the service and someone will get back to you. I have a busy evening.”

“She must have tickets to the opera,” Laura mumbled.

A nurse with gray hair Laura had never seen before leaned forward. “Seems things aren’t much different from the last place I worked.” She unfolded a piece of paper. “Months ago I read this. Five to ten percent of the nation’s doctors are so impaired or incompetent they cannot and should now practice medicine.”

A blast of chill air sent shivers along Laura’s spine. Mentally she listed the doctors at Bradley Memorial who fit that description. “I think the numbers are too low unless there are four or five hundred doctors on staff.”

Along with the article, laughter moved around the table.

“Maybe we have them all,” someone whispered.

Laura frowned. The clipped voice belonged to one of the evening supervisors. What was Edith doing here? How often did someone from administration socialize with staff nurses? The older woman sat next to the young blonde who had just completed her month long orientation.

“Something should be done," someone said.

Laura scanned her companions. Who had spoken? “What can we do?” Her question joined the chorus.

“There’s more.” The supervisor moved the globed candle closer. For an instant the flickering flame changed her round smiling face into a grotesque mask. “Only a doctor can determine if another doctor is incompetent.”

“Wrong,” the strange nurse said. “Nurses can act>”

“Not true,” someone said.

“Sure.” Skepticism colored the speaker’s voice. “We all know how they avoid and close their ranks around the incompetent. They’re afraid of what they might find.”

“And if any of the doctors agree with us. Their afraid of what they might find.”

“So what can we do?” Laura’s question halted the buzz of conversation.

“Nothing,” their sole male said. “Look at what happened to Alice when she complained about Blunder Doc. She lost her job. While this isn’t a fun job, it pays the bills.”

A second woman slapped the table. “He’s right. The doctors will continue with business as usual.”

How right they were. Laura drew a deep breath. For at least twenty years Dr. John Moore had been a sloppy surgeon. Her nails bit into her palms. The infection he has caused when he’s operated on her mother had caused her death. Laura had been forced to face her teenage years motherless. How many times had a similar scenario been repeated because of him?

The stranger nurse rested her elbows on the table. “Who says we must work alone. I’ll tell you what the nurses at the last hospital where I worked did. She lowered her voice to a whisper. “They formed a committee.”

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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

The Riddle Plot - Third segment - Featured as Tuesday's Writer's Tip #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Plot #writing #Riddle

 The third segment of the plot is the solution. The reason for the riddle is found and stated. This isn't revenge since the only question answered is the why? I doubt if this is a plot I would ever use since it's hard th fit all thei pieces together like working a jigsaw puzzle.

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Monday, October 23, 2023

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Reading #Writing #Thoughts

 Meander 1 - Reading - Finally finished the BWL offerings. Interesting group. Enjoyed them all but some more than others. But that's the way of things these days.

Meander 2 - Thoughts - Sure wish the Repubs would get off their butts and find a speaker. Though the first one wasn't the best at least he filled the place. The latest one to try and become Speaker failed to make the cut and gain enough votes. Good thing since he is rather a do nothing person. No bills. Votes no most of the time. Rfused to accept the last election. The man is a fool and has been one for eyars. Glad I haven't lived in OHIO for decades. I would be ashamed to have such a person represent me. At least the one we have here didn't vote for the do nothing person but he also has problems I see.

Meander 3 - Writing _ Just sent off Murder and Iced tea with the short stories attacehd. Now I have four I'm working on until one catches my total interest. That can take months or weeks but what ever, I will have books to work on. Keltoi, The Death of Horror Writer, Old Folks and Regency, Silks. Will be fun for a time.

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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Heart Throb, a medical romance is featured as Sunday's Book #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #romance #medical


Magda Malone likes men and has no desire to marry. She’s been there, done that and got burned. She’s happy with her position as coordinator of the cardiac unit at the hospital. A new neighbor promises many nights of steamy sex.

Damon also has no desire for marriage. He had too many steps as a child and sees marriage as a serial sort of game. He doesn’t want to play. When Magda learns he’s a cardiologist, she blows him off. The problem is Damon has fallen in love and he must convince Magda there’s more between them than sex.

Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2020

Magda Malone is satisfied with her very active love life and marriage is definitely not in her plans. When she tried forever, it blew up in her face. As coordinator of the cardiac unit at the hospital, she feels fulfillment, too. When she meets her sexy hot new neighbor, Damon, she can't wait to feast on him. They enjoy a mind-blowing weekend, and she hopes it lasts for a while. When Magda learns he’s a cardiologist, she ends it right away. She has strict rules about dating doctors, especially doctors at the same hospital where she works. But her heart won't listen, and neither will Damon. Can he convince her he's more than just a Heart Throb?

Heart Throb is a five-alarm HOT romance. Two frisky people looking for a fling wind up falling in love. It's a classic trope yet Janet Lane Walters adds a new spin to it. The love scenes are smoking hot yet there's a tenderness to them. I enjoyed the sparks that fly between Damon and Magda when they discover who they are, besides neighbors, that is. The pacing is good with plenty of descriptive narration. Janet Lane Walters is a prolific writer and I enjoyed this steamy romance from her. Better curl up, readers, because this story will heat your insides.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Books by Ruth Casey are featured today as Saturday's Blurbs #MFRWAuthor #Romance #Regency #historical


The Lady and Her Quill

Her mind kept telling her to stop loving him, but her heart couldn’t let him go.

Renowned author Lady Alicia Hartley has lost her muse after a bad review sighting that her heroines outshine her heroes. She blames it all on the author JC Melrose, who is mentioned in her review. A chance encounter with a handsome, witty Captain Caulfield has her heart racing and her muse seemingly back. Is the captain her savior?

The recently retired Captain Justin Caulfield is facing his own demons. He meets and falls in love with Lady Alicia. She has no idea he is the author JC Melrose. He never meant to keep his identity a secret, but she interrupts or changes the subject every time he attempts to tell her. He knows she has feelings for him, but what will happen when she finds out who he is?

Buy Link - https://bit.ly/TheLadyandHerQuill


The Lady and the Spy

With each encounter, her heartbeat quickened.
With each encounter, his need for her grew stronger.

Lady Patrice Montgomery Edgemont always did what was expected of her, and look where that got her: married off by her father into a loveless relationship. She solved the puzzle that was prospective husband number two, another of her father’s choices, and quickly made him a distant memory. Lady Patrice is not playing games. She is through with men.

Nikolai Baranov is the son of a Russian grand duke and spy for Tzar Alexander I. When his father and associates are killed, Nikolai doesn’t play games. The only thing worth winning is revenge for his family.

But both are caught up in a game neither anticipated but have dreamt of for some time. Can they reconcile the past? Can they both win their heart’s desire… each other?

Buy Link - https://tinyurl.com/TLATSpy


The Lady and Her Duke

Could she use her skills as a lockpick to crack open the secrets of her uncle’s death as well as unlock his heart?

Lady Katherine Thornton has no interest in men after an indiscretion at her disastrous Season in London. No man can be trusted. Instead, she secretly indulges in her fascination for her uncle Benedict Sutton’s gears and locks. They both fear a woman’s involvement would have his factory workers walking out.

Lord Ian Wallace, the 4th Duke of Blackhall, is a retired military officer. An accidental duke after the deaths of his father and brother, he retreats from society and the clawing mothers and debutantes who stalk him. He’s aware he must marry, but he’s focused all his energy on his partnership with Sutton.

To placate his partner, who thinks he’s dying and with many people in attendance, Wallace gives him his word that he will marry his niece. In the morning, Sutton is dead, and Wallace finds his engagement announcement is in the paper. All Wallace has to do is figure out how to get out of the situation without ruining Lady Katherine. However, circumstances demand that they act as the happy couple. Their closeness has Lady Katherine looking at Wallace in a different light. She doesn’t want to let him go. All she has to do is convince him.

Buy Link - https://amzn.to/3MpBxPJ


Friday, October 20, 2023

Ruth Casey is visiting and talking about her latest release #MFRWAuthor #romance #historical #Halloween #Regency


The Lady and Her Secret

Day 1

1. Tell me about your latest release or the book you wish to feature. Genre?

She came home to find a piece of her past. She discovered so much more.

Lady Rachel Emerson comes from a prominent Sommer-by-the-Sea family and leads a charmed life. Her fiancĂ©, Pryce, Earl Somerset, is more than just tall, dark, and handsome. He’s everything a woman could want. But before they send out the wedding invitations, the betrothal is canceled.

After fifteen years, Rachel returns to her beloved Emerson Manor on All Hallows Eve, the day before the manor is turned over to the local historical society. For years, she mourned the loss of her locket, her only connection to Pryce. Rachel has one day and one last chance to find it. Her search leads her to a cache of old newspapers that rekindle memories and lead her on a journey of self-discovery and reconciliation. But will she find her heart’s desire?

2. Where did the idea arise?

I wanted to write a Halloween story, but I didn’t want the standard ghost story. I really don’t want to give the story away. Instead, let me tell you what a reader said about The Lady and Her Secret:

“I didn't see what the secret - although to my mind, they were really two if not three secrets- was until the end when the twist came in the last 3 pages of the story when all the tendrils placed earlier in the story were pulled together tightly. For me, it was a really satisfying read with its bittersweet nod to everlasting love.”  ~ JC, Amazon

3. How much research was involved? Did you stay on point or be distracted by wanting to look at just one more thing?

I researched the era and their thoughts on the supernatural. I will admit that not only did I go down a rabbit hole, but I got lost there for days.

The belief in ghosts in Regency England held a significant place in popular culture and superstition. Ghost stories and spectral encounters were discussed and shared among the upper and lower classes. The period was marked by a revival of interest in the supernatural, partly influenced by Gothic literature, which featured eerie settings, mysterious apparitions, and haunted castles. Prominent authors like Ann Radcliffe's "The Mysteries of Udolpho," published in 1794, and Horace Walpole's "The Castle of Otranto," published in 1764, contributed to fueling the belief in ghosts.

The belief in ghosts was also linked to a wider religious agenda. Many people held a strong belief in an afterlife and the existence of spirits, making encounters with ghosts seem entirely plausible. It was not uncommon for individuals to attribute unusual occurrences or mysterious events to the influence of vengeful or restless spirits. This belief in the supernatural was further supported by the practice of spiritualism, where seances and mediums were utilized to communicate with the deceased. While some regarded these beliefs as mere superstition, the idea of ghosts and the paranormal remained a significant part of Regency England's cultural and intellectual landscape.

4. How long did it take to write the book?

 It took me two months from start to formatting. I started the book in mid-June and had it to my editor at the beginning of August. It was nice to have the book completed and formatted for the Oct 12 release.

5. Now, a bit about you. How long have you been writing? What is your Sun Sign?

I’m an Aquarian. I have been writing for twelve years. The first book I wrote was Knight of Runes. It was published by Carina Press as an ebook and by Harlequin in print. I am a hybrid author. I published my 30th book, The Lady and Her Secret October 12, 2023.

6. Do you write in a number of genres of stick to one?

 I have tried to write in both historical and contemporary genres. My readers overwhelmingly prefer my historical stories. With that in mind, for the last few years, I have been writing Regency romance. I do have a short historical series that includes magic and another that is a time travel.

7. Where on the internet can you be found?

Thank you for asking. You can find me at the following places on the internet.

Website: https://ruthacasie.com/

Ruth’s Newsletter Signup:  http://ruthacasie.com/contact.html#newsletter      

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/ruthacasie/

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/RuthACasie/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/RuthACasie

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4792909.Ruth_A_Casie

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ruth-seitelman/6/6b7/964

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ruthacasie/

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/@Ruth-A-Casie

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ruthacasie

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/ruthacasie

Threads: https://www.threads.net/@ruthacasie

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Choices, a medical romance is featured with Thursday's Opening Scene.

 Johanna Gordon raked her fingers through her short curls and glanced at the clock centered on the wall between her diplomas. Seven-thirty. No wonder her shoulders ached. She’d been hunched over the desk since four. With a sigh, she closed a folder and added it to the neat stack on a corner of the desk. She pursed her lips. For two weeks, the budget for the nursing department at the hospital had consumed her time. Unfortunately, money would remain her focus until she found areas to cut costs without compromising patient care or breaking the current contract with the nurses. Not that Hudson Community’s CEO cared about either option. 

She stretched to ease the tension between her shoulder blades. “Why couldn’t I...” An idea occurred and she smiled. Something to consider. Richard Jamison didn’t care which programs were dropped as long as his pet projects remained intact. Just this morning he’d reminded her she belonged to administration and to remember where her loyalties lay. Not with him. She’d risen through the ranks and saw more than the profits and losses he tossed around.

 The loudspeaker on the wall crackled. “Dr. Red to the Emergency Room.” In staccato fashion, the operator repeated the message three times. 

With a well-honed response, Johanna rose, grabbed her briefcase and, in three strides, reached the door. The call for any surgeon meant an emergency requiring immediate surgery. Her body quivered with excitement. She dashed through the empty outer office, crossed the hall and hit the call button for the elevator. Just like an old fire horse, she thought. The alarm clangs and I’m off running. She stepped into the empty car. What was her hurry? How much help would she be? She’d been away from the bedside for ten years.

 As she exited on the first floor, she nearly collided with Rachel Hill. Her friend’s dark hair had slipped from the neat bun at her nape. Like a sail, Rachel’s lab coat flew behind her. She carried two units of blood.  Johanna frowned. Rachel usually worked the day shift. “Bad accident?” Johanna asked.

 “The worst. A six-year-old hit by a car. And to think I volunteered to switch.” 

As Johanna matched strides with her friend’s half-running gait, the soft leather briefcase slapped against her thigh. “Need an extra pair of hands?” 

“Hardly. If there was another body in the room, they’d be standing on the patient. Be glad you’re out of the zoo. Not that I blame people for caring about a child, but if the patient was old, indigent or dying... Don’t let me get started.”

 “Want to talk?” 

Together they dashed up the five steps to the emergency room level. Rachel straight-armed the door. “Maybe I do. Dinner on—” The door closed and cut off the rest of her words. 

Johanna frowned. By the time they found an evening to fit Rachel’s schedule, she would have forgotten the incident that had triggered her anger. Instead of talking about the hospital, she would discuss her children. Despite their closeness, this topic always added to Johanna’s aching knowledge that she had no one.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Home Caring a medical romance #MFRWHooks #BWLAuthor #Home health #nurse #doctor


Join the authors at MFRWHooks http://mfrwbookhooks.blogspot.com for some intriguing excerpts. Mine is found at eclecticwriter.blogspot.com from Home Caring


Abby Reid feels she’s been playing whack-a-problem for months. Her ex is behind on child support payments. Her angry teenage daughter. Her new business, a home care agency. All these areas vie for her attention. She believes she has solved the last major problem with the agency by firing her clinical supervisor, but this adds to her chores. Hoping the new patient, a private pay one will boost her spirits and bring success, she agrees to work the weekend day shift rather than call another agency and find the case being stolen. Will the new patient provide a break in the negative events in her life?

Doctor Jeff Grayson is the in-coming patient. He has been in town and working with his friend for a month. Jeff is a master of many things. At fifteen he started college and has degrees in English, Architecture and Computers. All this before medical school. He and his Harley met with a car and came out the losers. He’s a patient with casts on both legs and one on his left arm. Though his doctor recommends rehab, Jeff has a different idea. He is going home. Abby’s home health care agency is recommended. During their initial meeting, Jeff is snowed by pain medication and he falls in love with her voice. He has no idea of her appearance but he can dream and Abby is the object. When he wakes and meets her, will his dreams change?


The low, sultry voice wove through the fog-induced by pain medication and touched a place deep inside Jeff Grayson. He struggled to open his eyes but felt as though the lids were weighted by coins. They used to do that but he wasn’t dead, just drugged. He stopped struggling and listened. The voice stroked and caressed like a healing balm applied to a burn.

“Dr. Grayson, can you hear me?”

“Jeff.” No way would he allow that voice to call him doctor. He opened his mouth. “Yes.”

“I’m Abby Reid from Home Caring. I understand you’ll soon be going home. Your doctor mentioned you will need nursing care.”

He nodded. At least he thought he had. The dose of Tylenol and Codeine had erased the little control he had over his battered body. Why should he fight the warmth stealing over his body? He would follow that smooth voice over a cliff and never protest.

“Dr. Grayson, do you know when you’ll be discharged?”

Why the formality? He had no desire for a professional relationship with her. He was Jeff. He had no reason to be a doctor today. A bark of laughter erupted. He had to answer the question. His scattered thoughts jelled. “Six days ago. No, tomorrow.”

“Are you capable of making decisions? If not, I’ll return later.”

“Don’t go.” He gathered his fuzzy thoughts. Decisions were his forte. He cared for patients and always knew which tests should be ordered. He grinned. “Try me.”

“I will.”

Jeff moistened his dry lips. The timbre of her voice seemed like a delicious treat he wanted to taste. The husky sounds rolled through his body making promises he wanted to believe.

“Dr. Grayson, I’ve questions but I don’t think this is a good time.”

“It is.” He had to keep her here. Another thought pierced the fog. His Harley. Probably scrap now.

Her voice pierced his wandering thoughts. Was the sweet seduction part of a drug-induced fantasy? He heard questions he couldn’t grasp.

“You can’t.”

What by saying you can’t. YOU CAN’T. Another voice issued the command. He shook his head. The other person had said those words years ago. He could and would leave this place.

“Dr. Grayson.” Another voice. Not the one he wanted to hear.”

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