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Thursday's Fourth Scene Seducing the Baker #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishingLTD #Romance #Cupcakes #Hudson Valley

A frown creased Grace’s forehead. Did she know this man? Something resonated in her memories but no name bobbed to the surface. He resembled the faceless man of her fantasies. The hair, short and styles instead of long and shaggy. Was he someone she’d seen on TV, except she watched cooking shows, not sports, prime time or movies?
“How did you get in here?”
“By the door.”
His crooked grin brought a name closer to the surface. Did he look like someone she should know? “Why did Bonnie let you come into the kitchen?”
“The arrival of a flock of customers derailed her.”
Grace sucked in a breath. Who was he? He was too young and too well-dressed to be one of the men her mother had dragged home years ago. “Do you really think the cupcake is good?”
“I do.” He finished the last bite and crumpled the paper. With a flick of his wrist he tossed the small wad into the trash bin across the room. “You’ve achieved a miracle. Edible fruitcake.”
His smooth words spread over her skin like a swatch of velvet. Whoever he was he talked about the treat like a man who knew food. Was he a rival? Had he come to steal her recipes? He certainly hadn’t appeared to ask for a job. Not when he wore what looked like custom-made clothes.
“What will you call this one?”
Grace stepped back. The cold marble of the worktable edge pressed against her back. “Fruitcake.”
“Not like any I’ve ever tasted.” He grinned. “I hate holiday parties where the hostess pushed dark dense stuff she’d ordered by mail or baked.”
Grace laughed. “I’ve eaten some of that kind. This was my sixteenth try to make an edible one.”
He stepped closer. “Persistence pays. You’ve created a light cake with the traditional flavors and the right amount of fruit. The touch of rum in the frosting is perfect.” He raked his fingers messing his perfectly stylish dark hair. “Is it legal?”
“Just a flavor essence.” Definitely the competition. Warmth shone in his deep brown eyes. When he stepped in her direction she grasped the pastry bag. “Who are you?”
“Don’t you remember me? I’ve never forgotten you.”
The dimple in his left cheek made her want to touch. Seduction filled his voice. A whiff of evergreen beneath the aroma of the bakers reached her. He oozed the kind of danger she had to time to allow in her life. The suggestive gleam in his eyes raised a need to run. Only, she was trapped.
He placed his hand on her arm. Though the touch was light she felt as though his fingers branded her. “Think back, Grace.”
“I’ve never seen you before.”
“Sure you have.”
“I sure remember you. Years a go I made a play and you turned me down. When I said you would be sorry, you said I would be the one to regret.”
With warp speed her thoughts flew to the fence between the group homes. Was he really? He looked so different from the boy she’d known. The features of the face in her thoughts matured and became the man crowding her space.
“Jules Grayson, what are you doing here?”
“Representing Good Eatin’. Since you refused to sign the contract for a future feature article I thought the personal touch might work. I didn’t realize who you were until you turned.”
A smile broke her somber mood. “Most of my communication was with Allie Blakefield.”
“You and I spoke twice but the moment I mentioned the magazine you hung up. Just listen to my spiel. I’m sure I’ll do a better job of making the case than I did years ago.”
Though knowing he didn’t plan to steal her recipes her instincts remained on high alert. Her thoughts raced from what had been to what ifs. Not a good place to be.
“I sent the proposal back unsigned. The feature doesn’t fit with my plans for growing the business. A year from now or maybe two I might take a chance. I’ve seen too many in this field move to fast and fail.”
His eyes narrowed. “You didn’t read the proposal carefully. All expenses are covered by Good Eatin’ and you’ll be paid for the recipes the magazine prints.”
“That’s not why. You’ve seen my entire staff. I’m baker, decorator, bookkeeper and sometimes salesperson.” She scowled. “I’m even the cleaning crew with Bonnie’s help.”
A buzzer sounded. “Move. I need to pull the pans.” She pulled on gloves and went to the oven. One by one she transferred the trays from the oven to the cooling rack.
“Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg,” he said. “What are they?”
“Add a touch of vanilla and you have Pumpkin Pie.”
He inhaled. “I could be tempted to try every flavor.”
“Think of the calories.”
He arched a brow. “I can think of ways to work them off.”
Grace removed the last tray from the oven. She had no intention of asking how. “Since you’ve come for that reason why don’t you leave? I’ll give you a box of today’s favorites. Share them with your significant other.”
“There’s no one.”
She returned to the work table and assembled the dry ingredients for another batch. She placed flour and a sack of chocolate powder with the eggs and butter. “You should leave.”
She pulled cayenne and powered jalapenos from the spice shelf along with vanilla beans. “I’m making Chocolate Fire and I don’t want a cleaning bill for your light gray jacket and trousers.” He had definitely succeeded in the ten years since he’d left the group home.
“We need to talk about the offer.” He crossed his arms.
Grace slid past him for the baking powder, salt and milk. “I know the opportunity would be great. I’m just not ready to take the risk.”
“Your cupcakes impressed Allie Blakefield. That’s hard to do. Besides restaurants Good Eatin’ features small establishments producing good food. Have dinner with me and we can discuss the pros and cons.”
Again his temperature-raising grin appeared. “I can’t. We’re open until nine tonight. Then there’s clean up, planning for tomorrow and a run to the bank.”
“What time do you close tomorrow?”
“At six.”
“I’ll be by then. We’ll go to dinner. You choose the place.” He closed the distance between them. His lips brushed hers. “Years ago you said no. I was a fool and crude. Won’t happen again.”
Grace froze. Her knees locked and kept her upright. His whispered words and hot breath swirled over her. She felt as if she’d been sucked into a whirlpool with no escape. He’d been trouble as a teenager. As an adult he’d become dangerous.

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Wednesday The Dragons of Fyre #MFRWHooks #BWLAuthor #Romance fantasy #Dragons

Dragons of Fyre (Island of Fyre Book 2) Kindle Edition

Join the authors at #MFRWHooks here  for some great excerpts. Mine is found at

After escaping from the temple of Fyre, Drakon returns to his home to find only two people and a yellow dragon. He and the Old One learn as much as they can about the land at present. The lord of Sea Cliff Tower has gathered the remaining dragons at his keep. On learning the High Peaks Tower’s red dragon is with egg they arrange her escape and rescue her eggs. Now they must find a way to defeat their enemy and return the dragons to the other towers.

Arana, sold by the temple priestesses to the slavers is bought by the lord of High Tower and made a part of the family. Before they are able to adopt her the lord of Sea Cliff Tower invades and destroys the family, taking her and her friend prisoner. Drakon is sold. Arana because she can speak to the dragons is made a slave care-giver. She saves a green egg and raises the green dragon. After helping the High Peaks Tower’s red dragon escape she is in danger and must find a way to escape. Her attempt to ride the green dragon succeeds and she arrives injured and ill. Once she recovers she and Drakon attempt to find a way to rescue the other dragons of Fyre.


Arana shielded her eyes against the glare of the sun. Four blue dragons circled a single combatant. She stared at the changing pattern of the battle. There could be but one ending. How could the lone dragon from High Peaks Tower survive when he fought with no speaker? She closed her mind to the multiple voices she heard.
     One of the creatures dove. The embattled one turned and raked his claws along his opponent’s side. A second blue attempted to swoop from above. The besieged whirled and caught the edge of the attacker’s wing with his foreclaws and pulled free. The injured dragon joined the first in retreat.
Arana began to hope. She knew nothing of battle strategy. Though she could have spoken to the High Peaks blue she couldn’t distract him for she had no advice to give.
     Her hopes plummeted. The remaining opposing pair dove toward the High Peaks blue. Though her favorite twisted, he was too slow to prevent the largest of the others from clamping teeth-filled jaws on his neck. Arana’s scream was echoed by a piercing roar from the pens. She watched as the embattled dragon tumbled to the rocks. She ran to the far side of the landing field. The blue’s broken body lay on the rocks where Arana had witnessed the death of her foster mother.
     Gone, she thought. Now all that remained of High Peaks’ lineage was one red and one green dragon. And her, but she was only a foster child.
     Arana leaned against the wall and fought to stem her tears. The cool autumn breeze carried the briny scent of the sea. In the distance she saw the sails of an approaching ship. Did it carry traders or wizards? If the ship belonged to either group, Lagon would leave the tower to bargain with them. The wizards welcomed any chance to obtain the hide of a dragon.
     She rubbed her arms. Since the battle had ended, her services would be needed by the dragons and the speakers. She was the only one of the slaves who had no fear of the huge beasts. Her ability to hear and speak to the creatures allowed her to move freely in the pens.
     She was also one of the few slaves who knew the ingredients of the antidote for the tea made from fyrethorn berries. Most of the men suffered from headaches after a speaking session. None of the four who had controlled the battle were like her for she spoke to the dragons without drinking the tea.
     One after another the blues landed. Hisses and pain-filled cries filled the air. Arana was torn between going to the beasts or the men. A keening cry rose to a piercing shriek and vibrated through Arana’s bones. A red dragon emerged from the doorway to the pens. Arana ran across the landing field dodging the hissing beasts to reach the surviving red of High Peaks Tower.
     A smaller green dragon scurried after the red. *Soothe her. She will not heed me.*
     Arana blocked the other voices and sent words of comfort to the red. As the beast’s cries softened, Arana stroked the leathery hide. Her mouth flew open. She sensed the presence of eggs. When had the pair mated? Somehow they had managed to slip free from the pens for a mating flight.
     *I hid them.* Verde’s voice held laughter. *I am of their lineage and do not want to be the last of the High Peaks dragons.*
     Arana stood on tiptoe and stroked his neck. *When will she lay the eggs?* She couldn’t hide the fear rippling through her thoughts. Lagon, lord of Sea Cliff Tower would surely destroy the eggs before they hatched.
     *How can we keep Lagon from learning?*
     *I will mask her so the evil one will not know.*

     Though Arana had no idea how she could hide two dragonets or care for them, the news brought hope. *Return to your pen. The blues are settling. I must deliver the potion to the men and tend to the wounds of the dragons.*



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Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Saving the Plot #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishingLTD #Plot #am writing

The characters are behaving but there's something wrong with the story. There are holes in the plot. The writer wants to toss the whole thing and start over again. We've all had those moments when the story we're working on suddenly doesn't make sense. This happened to me with my latest WIP. I really didn't think I would manage to make the story amke sense. So there were some things I had to look at.

The first thing I needed to do was rather simple. I had to look at the difference between story and plot. Story is rather simple. John and Mary meet. They get married. That's a story.  The heroine escapes from her evil wizard father. She finds a man who makes her feel worthy. That also is a story.

So what is plot. John and Mary meet. They marry. She learns he is having an affair. That's a plot. Or in my case. The heroine escapes from her evil wizard father. She finds a man who makes her feel worthy. Then she learns the wizard threatens her new found happiness and also her new home. There is the seeds of the plot.

Remember this. A plot is just a plan. A gradual unfolding of a series of motivated incidents.

Essentially, there are three basic plots and hundreds of variations on these themes. Man against man. Man against nature. Man against himself.

So if you find holes in your plot, look at these elements. You can use one and have the others as subplots. Or just one element alone and turn your story into a plot.



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Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishingLTD #poetry #writing

Meander 1 - The Lesson - Poem --

I don't want to go into that room.
He's dying.
I don't know what to say.
I'm eighteen, on the brink of life.
And death has always been a distant thing.
Sudden, Accidents. Stark.
Not like this in inches creeping along his frame.
Edema. Harsh and violent paun.
How can I treat him.
Other patients get well. Go home.
He's dying and i feel as if death is contagious.
I'm afraid to laugh with joy and life.
I should be quiet.
Death is a silent shadow slowly growing in his room.
I can't ignore his call.
I must cross the threshold.
Answer the ringing bell.
He lies in bed.
The sheets pulled to his chin.
Skeletal face. Compassion eyes.
What's wrong, my child.
Don't be afraid.
Don't treat em like a thing.
I'm real. I'm still alive.
Just because I'm dying doesn't mean you can't smile.
Just one to show me you care.
Death is real and part of life.
So through my tears, I smile
And learn to live with death.

Meander 2 - Rereading Books.  Reading books I've read before is like meeting old friends and learning new things. New little things I didn't notice before. Reading books again helps me when I'm writing. Gives me a break from what I'm striving to put on paper. Triggering an emotion I need to portray in my own work. So every once in a while, I pick an author I've read and read them again.

Meander 3 - Writing _ I'm close to getting the last draft of The Children of Fyre begun and then it's time to finish and go through the manuscript to make sure all of the i's are dotted and the t's crossed, the words are spelled right and the grammar is correct. Then I'll send it off to an editor and start something new,



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Sunday's Book Seducing the Baker #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishingLTD #romance contemporary #cupcakes

Seducing the Baker (At First Sight) Kindle Edition

She was the only girl to turn him down. What will happen when business and a wedding bring them together again.

Jules Grayson was a player as a teen and that hasn’t changed. Business and a friend’s wedding join to bring him to the place where his life had imploded and where his trust issues began. A Ponzi scheme and a suicide forced him into a group home he hated. For ten years he has avoided returning. 

Grace Sutton is faced with a dilemma added to by the appearance of Jules in her Sweet and Spicy Cupcake bakery. Years ago she turned Jules down but she had a crush. His appearance erodes the vow she made years ago. Men had used her mother and led the woman into drugs and alcohol. Grace vowed to forego relationships with men until she could support herself. Though the bakery is making money, she doesn’t feel secure. When Jules arrives with a contract for a magazine feature, she is conflicted and attracted.



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Saturday Books by Madison Michael are featured as Saturday's Blurbs #MFRWAuthor #Romance

Moonlight & Moet (B&B Billionaire Romance Book 2)

Moonlight & Moet

Can the Hottest Man in Town Melt the Ice Queen’s Heart? 

When her husband publicly cheats on her, Leigh Dobbs trades her humiliating reputation as an ice queen and a hometown that shuns her for the unknown of rural North Carolina. Taking over a small bed and breakfast, Leigh sets out to restore it, her dignity and her life. Excited at the prospect of adding more rooms and a full-service restaurant, Leigh’s big plans encounter the brick wall that is Caleb Rausch. Sparks fly even as Caleb votes no on the planning commission, crushing Leigh’s dreams. 

Handsome powerhouse Caleb McEwan is a man on a mission, expanding his huge corporation without encroaching on the small town where it resides. His commitment to his products, employees and historic preservation are unwavering. What’s lacking is his commitment to one woman. Caleb is the most eligible bachelor in three states, dating celebrities and models, but never settling down. Until now.

Even as Caleb forces Leigh’s expansion plans on hold, the couple moves full-steam-ahead on their relationship, unable to resist the mutual attraction. So why, after a steamy night together, does Caleb disappear for weeks? Has Leigh put her heart out there again, just to be played? 

Will the magic of a moonlit night be enough to kindle their love or will Caleb’s constant disappearing act prevent him from melting this ice queen’s heart? 

 - Amazon Buy Link

Desire & Dessert

Will Love Seal Their Deal?
Spoiled Stevie Jurran expects smooth sailing when she arrives at Lakeside Lodge B&B ready to merge it into the luxury Bijoux Hotel chain. Completing this simple task will move her up the corporate ladder, increase her value to her father’s multi-billion dollar business and settle the score with her cheating ex-fiancĂ©. Just one insignificant B&B stands between her and success –one B&B and its provoking and intriguing manager. 
Secretive and sexy Grant Harris is not your typical innkeeper. Digging in his heels, he tries to preserve the aesthetic of Lakeside Lodge by resisting every change Stevie demands Retreating from his life in the B&B’s surroundings, Grant quickly learns there’s no way to run from his real life or combat his growing desire for the infuriating heiress. Can he concede to her demands and contend with his past? Can he win this alluring woman? 
The B&B should be a perfect fit for the hotel chain. Stevie and Grant should be a perfect fit as well, but will they set aside their past hurts to complete a merger of a different kind?
If you crave novels with strong women and sexy men and luxurious settings, you will love this steamy standalone romance, Book Two in the B&B Billionaire Romance series. 
 - Amazon Buy Link


Time is Running Out…For Both of Them 

Regan Howe, won her coveted CEO position through hard work and a willingness to buck family tradition. Now, Brandon Hockney, a handsome US Senator with his eye on the White House, wants her to give it up, along with her home, friends and family for a move to DC and marriage to him. 

Regan wants marriage and family but this choice will require she leave everything she loves, including the alluring Tyler Winthrop. Regan has waited twenty years for Tyler to commit. He once promised her forever, then destroyed her trust and her hopes for a future together. Still, she cannot break the ties between them. Regan is besotted.

Tyler’s moment to win Regan is slipping through his fingers. He has remained on the outskirts of Regan’s life, reluctant to reveal his true past and expose her to danger. Despite their obvious attraction, Tyler has remained her friend and protector, keeping Regan at arm’s length for her own safety, When Regan determines to test the waters with Brandon, Tyler is tapped as acting CEO, throwing the pair together for one last chance at love. 

Can Tyler shake off the thugs threatening to expose his past mistakes? Can he earn Regan’s trust and woo her away from Washington? Battling overwhelming odds and a racing clock, will Tyler be forced to release his one true love to find happiness with another man? How can he when he’s besotted? 

Join Tyler and Regan as they seek their happily ever after in the conclusion of the steamy, contemporary Beguiling Bachelor romance series.

 - Amazon Buy Link

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Friday, Madison Michael is visiting and talking about Who She Was Before #MFRWauthor

!. What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?
I worked in corporate America for almost 30 years. I did write a lot of emails that needed to be persuasive to get things accomplished, but I don’t think it influenced my romance writing much or at all. So far I have only created one character with a consulting job, so I have not even drawn on my past life for characters…well, that is not completely true. There are bits and pieces of old boyfriends and dates sprinkled throughout my novels. 
I grew up the daughter of a librarian. I always had a book in my hand and I wanted to be a writer from the age of seven or eight. Discovering stories like “Anne of Green Gables”, “Pride and Prejudice”, and regency romances that I read with a flashlight under the covers at night, those experiences were a much bigger influence on my writing. 
2.           2  Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above. 
To be honest, I hate having to define my genre. I have written one time-travel novella, Our Love is Here to Stay, but most of my books are steamy contemporary romances. In the genre world that makes them romantic erotica, or erotic romance. Yet, my lead characters are strong modern women and Bedeviled is full of suspense. So is Besotted. I even tried a little humor in Moonlight & Moet. So do I write erotic romance, romantic suspense, time-travel romance or women’s fiction? You tell me. 
3. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres? 
I love to read historical romance and steamy romances, and I do think as my reading got steamier so did my books. The combination of exposure to great writers who do hot sex, and do it well, and the positive response of my fans to the chemistry between my characters made me braver about increasing the heat level in my own books. For me, historical romance is all about bringing setting in as another character in the story. I try to do the same in my contemporary novels. 
4. What's your latest release? Moonlight & Moet, the second standalone book in the B&B Billionaire Romance Series. It is my first book set outside Chicago. It was inspired by a trip I took from Chicago to the Carolina coast with a stop In Western North Carolina along the way. Driving the back roads as they curved through the mountains, and the small towns, inspired me to create a story of a big-city girl who buys a rural B&B when life crashes around her. The man who stands in the way of her dreams for a future in fictitious Saylesville NC turns out to be our sexy hero. I really enjoyed writing this story – especially the drunk scene, my first attempt at romantic comedy. 
5. What are you working on now? Passion & Pinot, the third book in the B&B Billionaire Romance Series. It is the story of a character we meet in my Beguiling Bachelor series, Ethan Howe. Ethan must make tough decisions about rebuilding after wildfires destroy the B&B that supports our heroine and her family. When their interests for the B&B diverge, can their love survive? 
6. Where can we find you? 
Join my insider group to receive my monthly newsletter, Insider deals, early launch notifications, previews, exclusive bonus content and so much more. 

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Thursday's Fourth Scene from Seducing the Attorney #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Custody #OT #Law

The chill in her voice puzzled Tony. He had proposed a plan to benefit them all. She wouldn’t need to ply her trade with anyone but him. The baby would have a nanny he liked.
Tony retreated to the couch so he could watch her and the boy. There had to be a way to seduce her into his arms for the weekend. This thought raised expectations and part of him throbbed with energy.
He drew a deep breath. Earlier his approach had been a bit crude unlike his usual smooth approach. Something about her raised an urgent need to possess. This evening he needed to slowly reel her in.
Lauren finished feeding the child and handed him what looked like a hard biscuit. She returned to the small kitchen and ladled soup from a deep plastic bowl into a pan.
“Are you eating here or going out?”
“Here.” He said.
She put two bowls, two plates and two mugs on the counter. After programming the coffeemaker she assembled two sandwiches with slices of chicken and Swiss cheese and placed them in the skillet. Once she flipped the pair she heated the soup, filled bowls with coffee, slid the sandwiches onto the plate and filled the bowls.
Tony carried his food to the dining room table and returned for hers. Lauren pulled the highchair to the end of the table and slid her plate to the side.
Tony wished she had taken the seat beside him the way he’d planned. A woman like her would respond to touch and he could convince her to spend the weekend in his arms. With this thought he slipped off a loafer and stretched until his foot caressed her leg.
She edged her chair back and attacked her food like a starving prisoner of war at a banquet.
“Be careful. You might choke.”
“You,” she snapped.
“Not any idea of fun. I’m not into choking games.”
“Neither am I. I wish you would take your innuendos and head to the city.”
“Not without the child.”
“His name is Jamie or James if you’re being formal.”
He could almost see sparks shooting from her hazel eyes. He looked forward to more intimate encounters. “I hear you.”
She gathered her dishes and carried them to the kitchen. She returned for his. The clock chimed six times. She wiped the baby’s face and hands. After popping a video into the player she sat on the couch with the baby on her lap.
Nothing he wanted to watch. Children sang and danced to silly songs. Tony went to the car for his bags.



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Wednesday The Temple of Fyre #MFRWHooks #BWLPublishingLTD #Fantasy #Romance #dragons

Temple of Fyre (Island of Fyre Book 1)

Join some great authors at #MFRWHooks here For some great excerpts. Mine is found at


Sold by her family to the priestesses of the Temple of Fyre, Ria soon masters using each of the four fyrestones, white, yellow, orange and scarlet. Her curiosity leads her to the archives and there, she learns things that disturb her. There are no men serving as priests but in the past there were. Men are kept in the harras where the priestesses visit. On the day of her testing she is ordered to perform a task she dislikes and refuses to destroy a town. Many of the priestesses fall into unconsciousness. Melera, the chief priestess, beats and banishes Ria for the carrion crows to consume.

Ari was abandoned as a child and found by two elderly firestone miners. He has pursued this and is the best of the finders. He goes to the temple to sell the stones he has gleaned. On leaving, Ria attempts to steal the fyrestone he has worn since the day he was found. He thinks she is a boy and a thief and he takes her to his room at the inn. On discovering her identity, he refuses to turn her over to the priestesses and they leave town. They are searching for the fabled blue fyrestones. They also learn to use them they must be bonded physically, emotionally and spiritually. Can they learn to master the blue stones and defeat Malera so they can rule the temple with love and understanding?


Ria stuffed the scroll she’d taken from the shelves beneath her caftan and tightened the sash to make sure the cylinder holding the rolled papyrus remained hidden. Beads of perspiration covered her forehead. She rubbed the sleeve of her robe over her face. The night air held sultry remnants of the heat of the day. Usually, the thick walls of the temple complex kept the rooms and corridors cool. Tonight was different. The usual night breezes were absent so the heat remained. Perhaps the approaching solstice was the cause?
Or, maybe her fear of discovery caused her heart to thump against her chest and her muscles to tighten into confining bands? She was in a place where she had no right to be without the presence of one of the priestesses. Acolytes were forbidden full access to the scrolls found in the scriptorium. She drew a deep breath. She’d acted out of necessity. The scroll beneath her caftan was one she’d discovered during another of her night searches. She wasn’t permitted to read this one, but she had and the words had stirred questions her tutors had refused to address.
On the morrow, her ability to control the flames of the fyrestones would be tested. She would be ordered to call flames from a pair of scarlet crystals and blend her blaze with those raised by the priestesses of the circle. Then, the chief priestess would assign her a task. Ria believed the things she’d read in this particular scroll would help her during the ordeal. The test was not without risk. One slip and the flames she sought to control could turn her into a living torch.
She crept to the scriptorium door and peered into the hall. With senses alert, she listened and searched the shadows cast by the flickering torches on the white plaster of the walls. Sensing no one was nearby, she scurried along the corridor toward the living quarters of the priestesses and acolytes. With luck, she would reach her room without being discovered.
Her hand pressed against the scroll she wanted to read again. The words of this particular one were vastly different from the lessons she’d been taught by the priestesses. Had they lied? Were the ways to use the fyrestones described in these writings true, or were they only a fable invented by some ancient scribe?
There were other scrolls that told tales that seemed unreal. The aged priestess in charge of the scriptorium had laughed when Ria had asked about dragons with eyes the color of the scarlet fyrestones. The old woman had scoffed when Ria had showed her passages describing wands wielded by wizards that sent lashes of bright or dark flames to control people.
There was no one she could ask if this scroll contained truths. Questions weren’t encouraged. Still, she wanted to believe what she’d read in this scroll about the uses of the stones, for they told of helping the people and that appealed to her.
Ria sighed. Since the day she’d been bought from the slavers by the chief priestess, her life, though interesting had been lonely. Not for her the crowded classrooms, or the dormitory where she could form friendships with the other acolytes. She had her own chamber and a private bathing room. During her lessons, she’d been the only student. Even her meals had been taken with the priestesses, not the other acolytes.

Why had she been kept isolated from the other acolytes? What make her so different? Like Ria, most of the others had been brought to Rosti by the slavers. At twenty, she was a year or two younger than most of the young women who had entered the temple with her. 



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Tuesday's Writer's Tip More on Point of View #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishingLTD #POV

Things to remember about point of view when you're crafting your story. You can choose any of the types for your story. One trick is to stick to the same point of view through out the book. I don't mean one character only. If you choose first person, you can use the first person for more than one character. I've seen this done. I've also seen writers use first person for part of the book and third person for other parts. This can be difficult and can confuse the reader.

If you're using third person and have several people starring as the focus character, there are things to remember. Don't change the focus character in the middle of a paragraph. Give each character enough room for the reader to know and be on their side. Often changing when the scene changes is effective.

Point of view belongs to the character who is viewing the scene. Be careful of what you revela. Most people don't give long descriptions of themselves as though looking in the mirror. Mary thought of her long black hair and her sweet smile. She thought of her blue eyes like the sky in summer. A character might use this kind of description to show other characters but unless very vain, not themselves.

Don't change the viewpoint character during a scene so many times you confuse the reader.



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Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing LTD #Poem #Doctor's visit #Writing

Meander 1  -- Poem -- The Roller Coaster

Slowly clack the wheels on the track.
Your body pushed back in the seat.
Heart pounding. Anticipation
For the thrill at the top of the hill.
Climb and inch
At the top -- There you are
And as the bottom drops out
And you fall with a jerk.
As the car starts to climb.
Anticipation. Blood rushing
Engorging your veins
So you reach out to snatch
Another hill thrill
And another drop down/
But the ride has to end
And you sit in the car.
Sixty seconds of fun
Artificial. And oh, you are down.

Meander 2 Doctor's visit - Had an eleven AM appointment the other day. I arrived on time. The doctor didn't. I was seen at twelve thirty to tell the doctor there'd been no change and things were going well. A quick exam done. The only good thing was I wrote nearly 2000 words while waiting and talked to some people promoting my books. By the way, I was back to the car at twelve forty-five.

Meander 3 - Writing. Finally have the rough draft of the final chapters done and am pushing on the second write of them. Hopefully I'll be ready to send this off to the editor before the end of next month. Then I'll start to write another book.



Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunday's Book - Seducing the Attorney #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublihing LTD #Romance #Law #Occupational Therapy

Lauren Grant’s first meeting with Tony Carlin happened four years ago at her sister’s wedding to his older brother. There’s been an attraction but a wary one. The handsome arrogant attorney had showed disdain. At that time Lauren had been a troubled teen with streaked hair and piercings. Now, she’s working toward her Master’s in OT and has no time for more than school and her infant nephew. The death of Jamie’s parents has left Tony and Lauren as joint guardians of the baby. 

Tony makes assumptions about Lauren’s current life-style. He’s as attracted to her as he was four years ago. But he’s a player and has no thought of making any commitments other than having sole custody of his nephew. He is grieving for his brother. Lauren grieves for her sister and Tony’s brother. A moment of mutual comfort sends them on a spiraling course. 

Will they solve the problem of the custody and come to admit their feelings for each other? 

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday's Blurbs Books by Shannon Nemechek #MFRWauthor

It’s against Army regulations—I know that. But whenever I look into his eyes, I lose my ability to think straight. 

He’s a Chief Warrant Officer, and I’m a mere Non-Commissioned Officer. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about him every night, dreaming about how my body would react to his touch. 

But I won’t allow myself to be another notch on his bedpost. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep our relationship professional—especially since we are teamed up to investigate a terrorist organization.

There’s no margin for error. I can’t allow my midnight fantasies to jeopardize my day job, to discredit my reputation. 

But there’s one major problem. Raleigh Fitzgerald is known to get what he wants, and right now…that’s me.

I met her, the girl of my dreams. We shared a kiss, we fell in love…and then I was deployed.

Now I’m back, but I’m no longer the man I used to be. I’m injured, scarred, and chances are I might never fully recover.

My heart still belongs to her—Annabelle—but my love for her demands I let her go. She deserves more than a broken man’s love, more than what I can offer.

But now, as I stare at her beautiful face, the sight of her cracking my heart in two, I pray I can be strong enough not to succumb to temptation. Both of us need time alone with our thoughts, so we came to the one place that made us feel whole again.   

Now we’re trapped in her family cabin, and I can’t help but wonder whether being snowed in with Annabelle is a wonderful mistake…or a disaster waiting to happen.

It’s been six months since all hell broke loose. Six months since I killed the organization’s leader. And six months since I fell for the love of my life.

Samantha and I thought the worst was over, that we would be able to move on—together. But we were wrong.

What we thought was in the past has now come back to haunt us. We’ve only managed to scratch the surface of this war raging against terrorism, and we have no idea who to trust anymore.

But one thing is for damn sure. I won’t let anyone hurt her. I will keep Samantha safe…even if it kills me.chek

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thursday's Fourth Scene Seducing the Doctor #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishingLTD #Medicine #Romance

Cassie avoided his question. He couldn’t dislike weddings any more than she did but she felt no need to speak about Tim and the aborted ceremony. Matt’s arrival coupled with her ex-fiancĂ©’s actions had brought her past into the present. She curled her hands into fists.
The voice message to her had turned her world into tatters. “I married Rhonda this morning. Could you cover my patients tomorrow?”
The one to the partners had omitted the request for coverage and added he would be in on Monday to explain.
She had fled to the cabin in upstate New York not far from the Vermont border.
After sliding from the couch she glanced at her watch. Six thirty. She needed a way to divert Matt’s curiosity and to aid her resistance to his appeal.
“Are you hungry?” The flare of interest in his eyes made her regret the question. “I mean for food.”
He winked. “Among other things but I can eat.”
She entered the kitchen area. “Won’t be fancy.”
He followed. “Most of the time I eat out or order in.”
She opened the chest freezer. “Chicken or fish?” She had brought them with her.
He closed the distance and stood close enough for her to feel warmth radiating from his body. “What about the steaks?”
“Belong to the owner. I’d rather not use them.”
“We can replace them.”
She removed a package of chicken strips. “This is healthier. The cardiologist speaks. I’ll do a stir fry.”
At the refrigerator she removed an assortment of fresh vegetables. Tomorrow she would need to shop for more than clothes. She started a pot of wild rice, gathered herbs and spices, defrosted the chicken and chopped vegetables. Keeping busy held temptation at bay.
“Am I allowed one of the beers in the fridge?”
“Go ahead.” Dr. Evans had said she should feel free to use anything she found but she decided the gourmet steaks were too pricy.
Cassie finished the vegetables and cut and seasoned the chicken. A bit of oil into a skillet and she was ready to cook. A wok would have been better but she could improvise. Before long the food was ready to serve. She carried the dishes to the table and discovered Matt had found plates and silverware.
He served himself, tasted and grinned. “Seems you like spice.”
“In my food.”
“We’ll see.”
The cocky challenge alerted her. They would see. She feared she would take the dare. She stared at her plate. Had he seen the flash of interest she couldn’t deny.
Enough. You’re not in high school. Nothing has changed. You’re the same person he rejected back then.
Matt cleared his throat. “So why don’t you like weddings?”
Cassie drew a deep breath. “I just don’t.”
“That’s no answer. I’ll keep asking until I know. Are your friends dragging man after man into your life telling you each one is perfect for you?”
“Spill your reasons. You’ll feel better.”
Would she? A bubble of anger surfaced. “Why do you want to know?”
“Curiosity and maybe I can help.”
He seemed sincere. As yet no one would know until she didn’t show up at the shower. “Tonight would have been my wedding shower.”
“At a colleague’s home. As you can see I won’t be there.”
“Did you call the wedding off?”
Cassie shook her head. “No.”
A frown wrinkled his forehead. “Why skip the shower?”
Her face burned. “He married our office nurse yesterday.”
Matt half rose. “That man’s an idiot.”
“Or he realized he’d made a mistake and found someone more interesting.”
“No way.” Matt clasped her hand. “How long has he been seeing this woman?”
“Socially I don’t know but four days a week at the office. When we needed a nurse, he recommended her so we hired her.”
“And you didn’t ask him any of these questions.”
Cassie pulled her hand free. “Not when you receive the news by voice mail.” Her fork clattered on the table. Her chest felt tight. Tears burned her eyes.
Matt groaned. “Then I crashed back into your life and reminded you of another incident.”
“You could say that.” She pushed her chair back. Before tears erupted she had to hide. She dashed away.
Matt caught her and pulled her into an embrace. “Listen to me. The man is a jerk and a fool. So was I all those years ago.” He turned her to face him and tilted her chin with a thumb. His lips touched hers.
Cassie felt ribbons of heat sweeping along her skin. Before she’d realized who Matt was she’d been attracted to his voice and his body. There were high school days and the fantasies woven before and after the move. Could she trust herself not to dive into another relationship headed nowhere. But she had thought Tim was safe. Then he walked away.
She could refuse what Matt offered. That was a wise choice but being in his arms felt good. Could she handle the storm of emotion she would experience when he walked away? Dare she take a chance?
He deepened the kiss running his tongue over her lips and slipping inside her mouth to stroke. All logic fled. She didn’t want to fight the fires of passion.
His hands slid down her back to circle her waist. His tongue danced along hers and slowly withdrew. He raised his head and drew a breath. “I want you.”
“Are you sure?” She hated the shakiness of her voice. She could handle this.
“Feels right to me.” He met her gaze. “The moment I saw you crouching beside me I wanted you. Let me show you how much.”
She closed her eyes. Sex wouldn’t mend a broken heart. Had hers been broken? Her pride had been shattered and her self-esteem bruised. Had Tim’s action really surprised her? He’d been reluctant to name a wedding date until the senior partners had pushed. Deep down she’d expected him to walk away. She’d refused to admit his actions had been reminiscent of her father’s lack of affection and his neglect. She had never met him.
Anger bubbled to the surface. She’d wasted years waiting for Tim to agree on a date. Then he had lied. She drew a deep breath. Matt was honest. He wanted sex and no promises of more than one night.
Matt nibbled on her earlobe. “How long were you engaged?”
“Five years.”
“And you never pushed for marriage.”
She shrugged. “Several times.”
“What was he waiting for?”
“The right time. We had to finish our residencies since long distance marriages don’t work. We had to be established in our practice of medicine. Then we had to be made full partners. Was to be a wedding present from our partners.”
He stroked her nape. “Did you live together?”
She shook her head. “We each had our own place.”