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Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Character Cliches #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Cliches #Character #Writing

How does one keep their characters from becoming cliches. We've all read about the tart with a big heart, the stony faced doctor, the brash cop. In the hands of some writers, these characters become cliches. A reader will start to read a book and think I've read about these characters before. They really haven't but the writer has shown the character in the same way other authors have.

One way to look at this is to understand a character's role in the story. Are they just a walk on or do they play a role. One thing is don't just use the character's career choice make the reason for them to be there. Give them a reason for their appearance. Have them give a clue to the quest or show a sinister note to their appearance. So make sure you know their purpose for being there. You'll be adding interest to the story.



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Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Poem #Friends #Rut #Routine

Meander i _ Poem -- Friends --

You see your friends through blind eyes
With little slits of light let through.
That's good but it opens you to pain
And hurt, to cry at night.
You see just what you want to see.
Someday you'll find the way
To look at all through eyes of love
And see virtues, faults and all.

Meander 2 - Routine or Rut  Some days I wonder as I follow a pattern is it really a routine or is it a rut I'm in. Rising at the same time, early morning adventures on the computer, writing, reading, typing, doing things around the house. Perhaps I'll never know which it is. Routine or rut.

Writing. Back to square 1 on my current WIP. Hopefully I'll be able to manage moving on. Time will tell. But no matter what, I will finish before time and i also will finish the next one for this year in time.



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Sunday's Book Romancing the Nurse #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Medical #Romance

Romancing The Nurse

Ginny’s new job as patient care coordinator at a suburban hospital is a dream come true. She can raise her daughter and young niece away from the city. 

The older orthopedic surgeon who recruited her helps make the move easier. His stroke brings his son, another surgeon home to take over his father’s practice. Unfortunately, Ginny remembers him from an evening encounter at the city hospital where she worked. They had words. He also remembers that night. 

They clash but beneath the anger, there is an attraction. Blake wants her in his bed and attempts to romance her. Then he discovers he wants her forever and must eat a lot of crow



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Saturday's Blurbs feature Books by G. L. Rockey #MFRWAuthors #BWLPublishing

Fake News

BOOKS available for purchase at Smashwords, Anazon Kindle, Paperback, Nook, and Kobo CHECK.

FAKE NEWS (The Journalist/Redacted)

Taking FAKE NEWS to a higher-level, with the U.S. in a state of increased terrorist threats, the Media Director for the President of the United States fabricates a gruesome fake video.
The purpose of the fake video is to create chaos so POTUS can establish martial law and begin a “new world order.” Posing as a concerned citizen who videotaped a horrific murder/rape, the fake video is presented to a local Miami TV station’s news director. The news director immediately begins televising the video as exclusive Breaking News. Zack Stearn, owner/editor of a small Miami weekly newspaper, watches the video, contacts the TV station to ask the source of the video. He is told it is from a “confidential source.” The video is quickly picked up by national cable news and other local television stations.

TIME AND CHANCE - contemporary romance, published by Books We Love.

A university professor newly married to an ex-football star turned sportscaster finds herself
drawn towards a young art student who shares her intellectual .... and ultimately her physical passions.

"...hard to put down...book for the romance lover in all of us" 4 Lighthouses - Lighthouse Literary Reviews

"G.L. Rockey is a gifted story teller who leads the reader through the ruins of human lives so often portrayed as perfect and ideal but upon further examination, reveals a collage of failures, disappointments, phobias, love, hopes, and dreams. It is a colorful tapestry of the human condition, reminding us that nothing is as it seems and everyone has many many sides."- Sally Painter, author and Word Museum Reviewer Sally Painter, Paranormal Romance Author
"Author G.L. Rockey's style of writing makes everything fast paced...you will find this story to be moving and, at times, even inspirational." - 4 Stars - Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews
"Rockey tells a passionate story in a down-to-earth manner that engulfs the reader to continue on the journey, hungry for more with the turning of every page. His book may contain deep universal human themes, but his characters are very real people, their conversations and actions akin to people readers may know, and the story one, that although it may be read quickly, readers will not quickly forget." - 5 Stars - Angie Mangino, Freelance Writer Angie Mangino


BATS in the Belfry Bells in the Attic - 16 short stories available for purchase in trade paperback, Kindle, Nook.

"These vignettes, of ordinary lives, glimpsed through the eyes of unforgettable, often quirky characters probe the complexity of what it is to be human, while giving an extraordinary and entertaining read. The stories range from a twin sister's bus ride encounter, to a 10 year old girl's diary, shifting gears to explore the mind of a pregnant schizophrenic trying to escape her past and present, to my very favorite, Ms. Collette, which could easily outshine any Twilight Zone or Outer Limits.
"...each (story) has a common thread lacing through them - Why are we here? Or more aptly - Where are we going? At times, many of his eccentric characters appear to have a momentary glimpse of the answer, but inevitably, their humanness pushes any potential revelations further away from their grasp...Few writers could tackle such a complex theme and pull it off so completely, time after time in an amazingly entertaining fashion." -- Sally Kale WordBeats, Word Museum's Reviewer
"...true delight...stories range from surrealistic to comedic to downright spooky...Each story is penned to amuse, titillate and/or cause some degree of reaction or manner of thought from the reader, an endeavor in which he admirable succeeds. His narrative ranges from biting wit to droll to thought provoking, providing something for everyone and every taste with this latest offering." - Denise M. Clark, Denise's Pieces Author Site & Book Reviews densieclark.com
"...sixteen wildly different stories that will at times leave the reader amused, worried, sad, confused, intrigued and much more...fabulous characters and memorable stories that are a pleasure to read..." - Heidi, Fallen Angel Reviews

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Friday G.L Rockey is Visiting today and talking about Who He Was Before #BWLPublishing #MFRWAuthor

. What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

Wore many hats - By way of Carnegie Mellon Drama Department, G. L. Rockey earned a B.A. from Michigan State University and pursued a career in the television industry. From Providence to Phoenix and cities in between, produced and directed a variety of television programs and managed TV station programming. While program manager at KTSP-TV in Phoenix,  represented NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) to Germany. Have a master's degree from Cleveland State University and taught a broadcasting course there. Once (circa 1970) directed David Letterman when he was a part time TV weather man at WLWI-TV in Indianapolis. I was a TV director. In addition to weekend weather man Letterman was also a booth announcer (did voice tags for commercials, etc.) I told him over headsets when to "announce", "stand by," etc. Before all that sold cars, worked highway construction. Most recently managed a restaurant-Jim’s Steak House (memoir/nonfiction book about it From the Back of the House: Memories of a Steak House Clan)

2.   Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above.

General fiction (thriller/romance), nonfiction (memoir), anthology...like a lady reporter/reviewer once wrote, "He writes in all genres." I like to read first person stuff like Nelson DeMille's Plum Island . . .

3. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres?

I didn't read as a child or young adult, managed to get a B.A. by going to class, listening to lectures . . . started reading books around 23 when I woke up one rainy night in Sullivan Indiana and thought about writing one. It turned out to be the novel, Time & Chance.

4. What's your latest release? 

Five Star Review -- Cloistered walls not for her, twenty-six year old dropout nun, Heather Lynn Lucas, is following her passion as an aspiring novelist. Pen name H. L. Lucas, a first novel written, having no luck finding a publisher, Satan shows up with an offer for publishing fame and fortune. Pondering Satan=s offer, Heather has her novel published as an e-book. Certain a review in the local newspaper will boost sales, she attempts to contact the prestigious book editor of the top local newspaper, Joseph Hartman.

5. Why did you choose the genre you write in? Is it your favorite to read, or another reason?

I didn’t choose it, I think it chose me????

6. What are you working on now?

Boolean Traveler (futuristic), Makes the World Go >round (literary)

7. Where can we find you? www.glrockey.com - samples, reviews, blog

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Thursday's Fourth Scene from Pursuing Dr. West #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Romance #Humor #Medical

Zelda stood at the sliding door leading to the balcony of her unit. She waited for Michael to appear on his. The summer sun brightened the grass and trees surrounding the condo complex. She swallowed a sip of white wine.
     Plans for gaining Michael’s attention fermented like the beer he favored. Some were considered. Others dismissed. She could knock on his door and welcome him to the Riverview Condos. Maybe she could faint so he had to catch her. That idea had a possibility for disaster. She could kidnap him and tie him to her bed until he declared his love. The thought made her groan. Alas, none of the plans would work until she saw his reaction to her close proximity.
     The grating of a balcony door brought her to full attention. She saw him. He held a beer in one hand and a phone in the other. His taste in beverages hadn’t changed. She hoped his taste in women had.
     Her heart thundered. Blood rushed through her and heated her intentions. He’d changed into shorts and a tank top that fit like a second skin. She admired his broad chest and muscular thighs.
     She waited until he settled on the redwood chaise. With wine glass in one hand, she stepped outside. She put the glass on a round wicker table and walked to the railing.
     “Hi,” she said.
     He jumped to his feet. Beer sprayed from his mouth. “What are you doing here? Visiting, I hope.”
     “I live here.”
     He shook his head. “You can’t. Wait a minute. Mr. Matilla owns that unit.”
     “You’re right.”
     “Then how can you live there?”
     This wasn’t going the way she’d planned. “He’s a friend of Mom and Elmer’s. He moved to Florida, but he’s not ready to sell.”
     “Why me?” He drained the bottle. His gaze settled on a spot above her head.
     “Karma.” Zelda sucked in a breath. “Want to come over for dinner? To celebrate your arrival, I made shrimp scampi. There’s beer in the fridge.”
     “I’ll pass on the scampi.”
     She turned to hide her disappointment and reached for the wine. “Why?”
     “You read my note.”
     She gulped a mouthful and nearly choked. “That was rude.”
     “Just a warning.” He grabbed the phone and bolted for the door.
     “But you love shrimp scampi.”
     “Not any longer. The hospital. The patients. That’s all we share. I mean that. My mind is set.”
     In concrete? She glared at his back. :”You’re impossible. You’ll be sorry.”
     “Do not push your luck.”



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Wednesday Romancing The Nurse #MFRWHooks #BWLPublishing #Romance #Medical

Romancing The Nurse

Join the authors at #MFRWHooks here  http://mfrwbookhooks.blogspot.com  to read some great excerpts. Mine is found at http://wwweclectricwriter.blogspot.com and is a medical romance

Ginny’s new job as patient care coordinator at a suburban hospital is a dream come true. She can raise her daughter and young niece away from the city. 

The older orthopedic surgeon who recruited her helps make the move easier. His stroke brings his son, another surgeon home to take over his father’s practice. Unfortunately, Ginny remembers him from an evening encounter at the city hospital where she worked. They had words. He also remembers that night. 

They clash but beneath the anger, there is an attraction. Blake wants her in his bed and attempts to romance her. Then he discovers he wants her forever and must eat a lot of crow.


Ginny thought of the night she'd told Honor's father about the pregnancy. Her joy had shattered when he'd informed her he was married and his wife expected his first child in seven months. Ginny hadn't known he was married. She'd believed his declaration. His desertion had nearly wrecked her plans to escape the slums.
     "You survived the rat and have a daughter who's beautiful inside and out," Annette said. "You've given your niece a wonderful home and lots of love."
     "You're right, but ..."
     "Don't go looking for trouble. Who knows, the change might be a good one." Annette leaned back in the seat. "Dr. Marshall's son arrives today."
     "What does that have to do with me?"
     "Just changing the subject before you worry yourself gray. What's the scoop on the good doctor's plans? The rumor mills are grinding a new story a minute."
     "When I stopped by yesterday, he said he'd be released soon, but he played dumb when I asked him when he'd be back to work."
     "Let's hope he doesn't retire. He's the glue that holds that bunch of prima donna orthopods together."
     Ginny had a hard time imagining the blue-eyed Chief of Orthopedics as a blob of glue. He was more like a teddy bear ... or a father. Something she'd never known.
     "The surgeons aren't that bad...most of them."
     "Some are okay, but what about Simon?" Annette asked.
     Ginny nodded. "You're right. Greg Simon has an attitude problem."
     "Maybe young Dr. Marshall will be as nice as his dad."
     "We can only hope." Ginny stopped at the parking lot gate and inserted her card. "Except he's fresh out of a residency at 'Old Joints and Bones' and you know how those guys are. I think they have a course titled 'Disdain and Arrogance ... How to Project the Proper Hauteur."
     Annette laughed. The beads on her multitude of braids clicked together. "Girl, you got to stop prying under every rock looking for trouble. There are enough problems floating around."
     Ginny pulled the van into a parking space. "I believe in looking ahead." She and Annette joined the scattered groups of nurses headed to the red brick, T-shaped building.
     Inside, Annette ducked into the hall where the time clocks were kept. Ginny continued to the elevator. Before she reached her office on the third floor, she stopped in the nurses' lounge for a cup of coffee. In her office, she sat at the gray metal desk and stared through the window that provided a view of the hall. Today was one of the times she wished her office looked out to the world so she could see the sky and sunshine.
     Stop fussing and get to work, she told herself. Quickly, she sorted through the notes in the wire basket on the corner of the desk and stuffed the requests for days off in a folder. She read the report of an incident that had occurred on Saturday and made a note to thank Kathy Grant. Her vigilance had probably saved the hospital from a lawsuit.
     Rounds, she thought. She rose and paused in the office doorway to wait until the couple ahead of her turned the corner. This morning, she couldn't face Dr. Greg Simon's sneering condemnation or Lisa Kingsley's rudeness. The dark-haired surgeon and the blonde nurse were a perfect match, at least in their attitudes.
     Once the pair vanished, Ginny headed to day surgery. Of the seven patients scheduled for orthopedic procedures, two had arrived and were being prepared for surgery.
     "Hey, Ginny," a red-haired nurse called. "Any news about Dr. Marshall?"
     "Which one?" another woman asked.
     "The father. The son's an unknown."
     How true, Ginny thought. She reported her latest visit and received reactions similar to Annette's.
A short time later, Ginny strode to the acute care area where they admitted fresh post-ops and those patients needing special care. She stopped at the desk and studied the patient board.
     Two of the nurses stopped talking. Lisa Kingsley smiled, but the smile wasn't friendly. Ginny looked for Betty Tawser, the third member of the trio who opposed every change on the unit.
     With a nod to Lisa, Ginny left the desk and made patient rounds. When she finished, she starred the names of several patients who were stable enough to move if needed to make room for incoming patients from ER, ICU or the OR.



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Tuesday's Writing Tip - Cliches #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #am writing #Cliches

In the hear of writing, you are concerned with putting the words of the story on the paper. You reach the end of that rough draft and then comes the revision. Suddenly you find those little phrases like blind as a bat, from the frying pan into the fire and other things you've read and heard before. Part of the problem is they flow so easy from the keys of the typewriter and from the mouth. Often they say just what we mean,

We've seen how often something can become a cliche. I remember the first time I read, he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. Sounded great the first few times but suddenly those words ahve become a cliche. Think about how when you're reading you find a particular phrasing great and suddenly, you read it everywhere, That's how cliches are born.

Finding ways to change remove cliches from your writing is difficult. The first way is to find something completely different to say. Find another way to voice what you mean that packs a punch for the reader.

There are other kinds of cliches. Here's a list and we'll be looking at them in the next few weeks.
Phrase cliches, character cliches, effects cliches. scene cliches, plot cliches.



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Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Coffee Grounds #Habits #Writing

Meander 1 _ Poem -- Coffee Grounds --

In the morning I always wanted fresh, hot coffee.
You never did.
For twenty years I drank alone
And filled my cup with fresh perked brew.
You stayed in bed until I called.
Your aftershave blurred the fragrance
Of my coffee.
Our marriage simmered on the stove.
A tiny flame of twenty years.
The oils and essences losing strength
Turning bitter in the pot.
Until today --
I emptied the grounds.

Meander 2 -- Habits -- I'm a creature of habit. In the morning, I open the computer and begin. First post the blog, then read the one for BWL Authors and make a comment. I always make comments and usually I'm the only one who does. I go to my sharing site and share mine andother people's blogs. Even here, I'm a creature of habit. Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, I share all the posts. Tuesday Thursday and Saturday, I only share those who have shared other posts. On Friday I only share those who share mine. Then I hit Twitter and look a bit and heart those I want to heart. Then it's on to my email where I clear out the things i don't want to read. After I share about my blog post on a number of groups. Finally I'm ready to begin my writing day. I write a bit, read a chapter, type a page or two and back to write. In between, I do things like make lunch for spouse and myself and it's back to my routing. Then time to make dinner and back to work. Between seven and eight, I close down all my WIP and settle down to watch a bit of TV. Then helping spouse to bed and back to the TV and bed.

Meander 3 - Writing - Forgotten Dreams is building up. Have nearly finished the rough draft and then it will be time to work on making this into a book that makes sense.



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Sunday's Book Pursding Dr. West #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Medical #Humor #Romance

Pursuing Doctor West

Michael West MD has a five year plan before he can consider making a commitment. He’s happy dating women who have no desire for a long-term affair. Encountering Zelda, the pest, the menace, the little girl next door who has impacted his life makes him want to run. She managed to ruin his senior prom and sent several of his dates running. Now she’s grown and the nurse manager of the surgical unit where he will see her every day. What’s a doctor to do but run?

Zelda has loved Michael for year. She knows of the odd accidents her presence has caused him. After an encounter in the condo swimming pool, the accidents become hers but she refuses to give up her quest. The problem is his dating system. He seems to be on an alphabetical quest. He’s just met G and she’s Z. Can she find a way to turn his thoughts to her or must she give up her pursuit?

March 16, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Janet Lane-Walters once again delivers an humorous fun loving romance. Zelda met Michael West at the age of six when he moved in next door. She decided then and there she was going to marry him when she grows up. Fast forward a number of year and Michael has finished med school and moved back to his home town, joining the
 hospital Zelda works for. To make matters worse, Michael unknowingly moves right next door to Zelda. Even
 though he claims to want to avoid the troublesome, bad luck Zelda seems to bring with her, they keep finding themselves together in awarkard and funny situations. Once Zelda decideds she's never going to land the guy
 of her dreams and makes plans to move to another state, Michael comes to his senses and goes after her.

July 6, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
This book is so funny and charming. It was an absolute joy to read!



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Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Trisha McGill #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Babies #Australia #Mountains

Crying is for Babies
Crying is For Babies:
In the 1930s medicine was still very much a hit and miss affair. The surgeons were still experimenting and learning about the human body. This at a period when there was little in the way of pain relief.
This is one woman’s story about a childhood ruined by such surgeons, whose bad judgement confined an eight year old subsequently to bed for three years, and left her with a disability to last a lifetime. Nowadays she would have been given bed rest and pain relief, and in no time would have been up and running again.
Her strong will, and the love of a close family, saw her through the bad times, enabling her to go on and become the talented, remarkable person she was. I know because this woman was my sister.    http://books2read.com/Crying-is-for-Babies

Mystic Mountains:
In the early 1800s the penal colony of Botany Bay was an unforgiving and harsh place. Isabella O'Shea is transported to New South Wales for wounding a member of the British aristocracy who raped her, so it is understandable that she loathes members of the upper class and the system that punished her; sentenced her to seven years transportation.
Tiger Carstairs is rich, ambitious and English-so is it any wonder she is determined to hate her new master. Tiger dreams of making a new life beyond the aptly named Blue Mountains, so called because of the perpetual haze of blue surrounding them.
Mystic Mountains is a story of courage and persistence-traits that were essential for the settlers who carved out a new life in a raw land where suffering and heartbreak were commonplace.
Isabella and Tiger face tragedy and many hardships in their quest for a new life in this untamed land.     https://books2read.com/Mystic-Mountains

Distant Mountains:
Even in the prospering colony of New South Wales, it would be far-fetched to think a convicted man could consider marrying the daughter of a wealthy property owner.
But Remy has larger problems to contend with than Sara’s bigoted father. Forced to leave the woman he loves behind, Remy faces overwhelming odds and an ordeal that threatens to strip him of everything; his pride, his strength, his health—even his life.
Sara has many struggles of her own and when Remy finally thinks he has a future with Sara within his grasp, he is sent to a place where pain and suffering are everyday occurrences. Will the lovers ever find true happiness? https://books2read.com/Distant-Mountains

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Trisha Mc Gill is visiting today #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Who She Was Before

1.      What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

First off, I would like to thank you for having me once again as a guest on your blog, Janet.
I worked in the fashion industry all my working life, and was fortunate, as far as my writing went, that my back problems forced an early retirement. It was then that I was able to write full time. My husband was going off to work each day, so leaving me in writer’s paradise, as I was able to then sit at my typewriter/word processor (before the days of a computer) for hours at a time. As far as my job influencing my writing, I guess the answer to that is not really, except working in a large factory, populated by people from around the world, taught me a lot about people in general. A Heart in Conflict, is the only one of my books featuring the fashion world and that was fun to write.

2.      Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above.

Because I have always just written what took my fancy at that time, I write across several genres including Time-Travel, Historical, Contemporary, but all have romance at their heart, even my mainstream. 

3.      Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres?

Most definitely. My first effort at a full-length novel was a contemporary romance, because someone gave me a box full of Mills & Boons, and I thus tried that genre without further thought. That first book has never been finished or published (perhaps I will drag it out one day). Even when a child, I read many time-travels. As an adult, I read a lot containing Scottish Highlanders or Viking warriors both of which fascinated me. My list of favourite authors in those early days was a mile long but just to name a few: Jude Deveraux, Catherine Cookson, Catherine Coulter, Victoria Holt and Bertrice Small influenced me.

4.      What's your latest release?

Crying is For Babies is a true story based on the life of one of my sisters who suffered at the hands of callous surgeons when she was eight years old. The butchery received saw her confined to bed for three years and left her with a disability and pain that lasted the rest of her life. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, she was a woman of amazing talent and strength, loved by all who knew her.

5.      What are you working on now?

For years readers have been asking me when I am going to write book three in my Settlers Series, so I thought it about time I did this. The first book in the series, Mystic Mountains, began in Sydney Town in the early 1800s when it was a mere collection of huts and people were transported there from Britain for petty crimes. The convicts made up the vast population of the town. In book three, Challenging Mountains, we move on to 1840 when Bella and Tiger’s eldest son Tim has just turned twenty-one. As his father before him, Tim has an insatiable urge to travel and seek out new pastures. Only he has no desire to be a sheep farmer like his Pa. Along with his Uncle Carlos, he sets out to go overland to the newly settled township of Port Philip (later called Melbourne). The journey might not be as treacherous as the one his father, Tiger, undertook to cross the Blue Mountains, but nonetheless there are still many hazards to face along the month long trek. One of the biggest challenges thrown Tim’s way is a young woman with a stubborn streak and a sense of adventure to match his own.

6. Where can we find you? 

Find all my books featured with their buy links on my Web Page: http://www.triciamcgill.com
Or here on my Books We Love author page:

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Thursday's Fourth Scene Heart Throb #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Romance #Medical

Damon fisted his hands and stared at Magda’s door. He took a step, then a second and raised a hand to knock. Drawing a deep breath he moved back. He wanted her now. If she hadn’t slipped away he would have taken her against the wall. His cock throbbed and was primed for action. He liked the way she moved. He liked the way she smelled. Her response to him had danced along his nerves like an electric current.
     He growled. Her subtle scent lingered, teased and pushed his need to taste her skin. During their brief encounter he’d waged a battle to keep from grabbing and ravishing. He wanted to capture her taut nipple in his mouth and lick salt from her skin. He’d wanted women before but his lust had never come close to slipping from his control.
     When her tongue had slid along his finger he’d nearly lost his mind. Not a good sign. He’d always set the boundaries of each affair. He couldn’t let lust become an obsession. Never happened before. Couldn’t now.
     Good thing he’d begged off dinner with Lin, Ben and the woman they’d wanted him to meet. He’d escaped a boring evening and a trap with jagged teeth to snare him. He dashed to his apartment before he made a fool of himself. He strode through the living room. How could he find a way to extend the dinner and what followed into a weekend spent in the bed of his sexy neighbor?
     A quick check of the medicine cabinet and his dresser drawers showed he needed some essential supplies. Call him cautious but he always wore condoms. He’d seen the results of carelessness. Not for him. He hoped Magda felt the same. He grabbed the car keys from the dresser.
     The cell phone chimed with the opening notes of Beethoven’s Fifth. “Yeah,” he said.
     “Ben here. There’ll only be three of us at dinner. Do you mind?”
     Guess he hadn’t talked to Lin. “So what happened to the woman you think is perfect for me. The one so eager to meet me?”
     “She said no.”
     “Really.” Any other time that would have bothered him. Not tonight. “Did you forget to mention I am a doctor?”
     Ben laughed. “She knows. That was her main reason for saying no. She doesn’t do doctors. Not to mention you’re too young and she doesn’t play where she worked.”
     Damon chuckled. “Her loss. Doesn’t matter. I can’t come. Something interesting came up.”
     “As in female?”
     “What else?”
     Ben groaned. “How long have you been in town?”
     “Five, maybe six hours.”
     Damon strode toward the door. “Just lucky.”
    “Are you at the house?”
     “Found my own place complete with a hot woman.”
     “Is it wise to move in with someone you don’t know?”
     Damon closed the door and juggled the phone to lock up. “I’m not. Bought a condo unit. Met the woman maybe fifteen minutes ago.”
     “What’s she like?”
     Damon heard the interest in Ben’s voice. “Tall, long legs, great body.”
     Damon laughed. “No way, buddy. I won’t give you a chance to warn her about your cousin-in-law’s rule of life.”
     “Imagine she’s beautiful.”
     Damon frowned. Was she? He pulled her image into his thoughts. Her features weren’t classic. Pouty lips that cried for kisses. Brown hair and brown bedroom eyes. Beautiful, no. Still, something about her hand hit him with hurricane force.
     “Is she?” Ben repeated.
     “Let’s just say she’s intriguing.”
     “Where’s the condo? I can stop by and we can discuss the practice.”
     Damon laughed. “No way. What could have changed since the last time we talked?” He started downstairs. “You know what they say about curiosity.”
     “Caught me. Give me a buzz tomorrow. Want to go over the on-call schedule.”
     “If I surface.”
     Ben chuckled. “You’re incorrigible. Come for brunch on Sunday and bring this hot woman.”
     “Don’t count on it.”
     “Is now a better time?”
     Damon clattered down the stairs. “No time. Need to run to the store. In case we don’t talk before I’ll see you Monday morning at the hospital.”
     “Be there by eight. I’ll introduce you and we’ll make rounds.”
“     Will do.” Damon disconnected and slid into his car. He glanced at Magda’s windows. One hour and counting.



Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Wednesday Pursuing Dr. West #MFRWHooks #BWLPublishing #Romance #Medical #Humor

Pursuing Doctor West
Join the authors at #MFRWHooks here http://mfrwbookhooks.blogspot.com  to read some great excerpts. Mine is Pursuing Dr. West romance with a bit of humor.

Michael West MD has a five year plan before he can consider making a commitment. He’s happy dating women who have no desire for a long-term affair. Encountering Zelda, the pest, the menace, the little girl next door who has impacted his life makes him want to run. She managed to ruin his senior prom and sent several of his dates running. Now she’s grown and the nurse manager of the surgical unit where he will see her every day. What’s a doctor to do but run?

Zelda has loved Michael for year. She knows of the odd accidents her presence has caused him. After an encounter in the condo swimming pool, the accidents become hers but she refuses to give up her quest. The problem is his dating system. He seems to be on an alphabetical quest. He’s just met G and she’s Z. Can she find a way to turn his thoughts to her or must she give up her pursuit?


The mob of creatures waved signs and circled him, leaving no room for escape. No matter how he turned, he saw another sign.
College debts. Medical school loans. Maxed credit cards. Condo rental. Car repairs. Money for his dream house and dream life.
A deep voice roared. His father? “You must pay the debts. You must pay the debts.”
The squeaky voices of the creatures added to the cacophony. They twisted the ends of their Dali-like mustaches.
From a distance, his mother’s voice cried her own demands. “Michael, when will I see grandchildren? You know how badly I want little ones to hug.”
Help! The word remained frozen.

* * *

Michael West bolted upright and stared at the clock. Almost seven. He rubbed his eyes. Not the weekend. Not his city walk-up, where he’d collapsed after a day in surgery and a night on call. He would be late for his first day as junior partner of Grandvue Hospital’s premier surgical practice. He threw back the covers and dashed to the bathroom.
As he showered, remnants of the nightmare circled in his thoughts. “Sorry, Mom,” he whispered. “No grandchildren for years.” Until the mountain of debts became a molehill he couldn’t take a wife.
With a towel around his waist, he shaved and charged into the bedroom. In five years he could recycle those debts. Then he would be ready to give the woman he selected the things he believed she deserved. He dressed in new gray slacks, a starched white shirt, tie, and a black summer weight jacket, grabbed his medical bag and strode from the apartment to his car.
Though he wished for time to eat a hearty breakfast, on the way to the hospital, he stopped at a deli for an egg and cheese bagel and a huge coffee. Ten minutes later, he sat in the doctor’s parking lot and ate like a starving man.
After stuffing the remains in the take-out bag, he slid from the sedan and brushed crumbs from his clothes. He scanned the lot. New car added to his list of wants. His fuel-economy sedan looked like a waif among the luxury sedans and sporty models. He strode toward the entrance.
“Michael, slow down.” The senior partner of the surgical practice waved.
Michael waited for Dr. Probst. “Good morning, sir. I didn’t expect to see you here so early.”
The gray-haired man smiled. “Always the first. Good to see you’ve the same habit. Three cases on the schedule. First one’s at nine.”
“Will I assist?”
“Eager to get your hands in?”
Michael grinned. “Sure am, sir.”
Dr. Probst chuckled. “How well I remember those days. Before we head to the OR, we’ll make rounds. I’ll show you the surgical unit.”
“Sounds good.” Though he had visited the hospital when he’d been recruited, he hadn’t been impressed with the unit.
“We’ve a new nurse manager. Young, efficient. Has performed miracles during her five months in charge. She’s cracked down on the staff. You’ll like her.”
Michael studied the older man. Was he being set up? Not going to happen. Casual affairs were his speed. He thought about the nurse manager he’d met when the guys in the practice had wined and dined him. She’d been old, steely-eyed, with a thin-lipped smile, making him think young doctors were to be trained like puppies. Young might mean any woman under sixty. If the new nurse manager was attractive and would be interested in a fling in the company of a man with a five year plan, he might give her a try.
They rode the elevator from the basement to the second floor. When he saw the nurse at the counter with a phone in her left hand and her right poised over a keyboard, he halted and fought the urge to run.
“No.” He groaned. “Impossible.”
“Something wrong?” Dr. Probst asked.
Michael cleared his throat. Don’t be an ass. “I never expected to see…” Help! His inner voice shouted the final word of his nightmare.

“Zelda, come and meet the new addition to our group.”