Thursday, March 16, 2023

Search For The White Jewel is featured as Thursday's Opening Scene

The black-robed wizard slipped through the doorway leading to the Queen's chamber. He paused and studied the wan woman propped against the black silk pillows. As he approached the bed, his robes rustled.

 The Queen grasped the Black Jewel, symbol of her reign. "Be gone, I say. I have no need of you."

 "Your time has passed. 'Tis time to cede the Jewel to your successor."

  "Not yet." She raised the Black Jewel. Dark rays pulsed in its heart. "Be gone and let me be."

  He evaded the dark beams. "What of the White?"

  She laughed. "Do you think I fear that thing? My sister failed to find the gem. For generations, there has been no sign of its existence. There have been but myths and rumors."

   He smiled. "The White stirs. I sought and I found."

   "Where?" Her eyes narrowed.

   "'Tis where it has always been, waiting for the one who can hold the jewel. But fear not. 'Tis not your battle. Soon you will be gone, and I will have the training of the one who is to follow you. This time there will be no mistakes. As Holder and Chosen, she and I will rule."

   "Be gone, dark wizard." The Queen raised the Black and poured her anger into the gem. Thunder roiled the silent night and a great display of colored lightning brightened the sky above the palace.


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