Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday Tena Stetler isVisiting and Talking About Who She Was Before #MFRWAuthor #paralegal #Paranormal Romance/Mysteries #magic


Day 1

1. What were you before you became an author? I was a paralegal for a criminal law firm for almost 14 years.  Then I was a IT Manager for an electrical contracting firm for 14 years also. Did this influence your choices as a writer? Sometimes.  I’ve written a book about lawyers, A Witch’s Quandary, they just happened to be in Scotland. LOL I’ve written a few books involving computers, cyber security. Security Force of Two, etc.


2. Are you genre specific or general? I don’t mean major genres but subdivisions or romance, mystery or paranormal. I write Paranormal Romance/Mystery. Recently l’ve dabbled in western, historical, timetravel, in addition to romance. But there is always a bit of mystery and magic in all my novels. 


3. What is your latest release? Security Force of Two - A former CIA agent and a Special Forces vet return to their small hometown for different reasons none of which includes involvement in an investigation of the new police chief’s murder. Release March 20, 2023.


Set for release July 10, 2023, Raven’s Hollow Spring Magic - Spring is in full bloom in Raven’s Hollow, a unique, small town in the Colorado Rockies when a powerful witch’s mother goes missing and her dragon shifter fiancé travels back in time to find her.  Was the antique jelly bean machine to blame? 



4. What are you working on now? The second book in the Mountain Town Mystery Series.  Security Force of Two was the first book.


5. Does your reading choices influence your choice of a writing career? No I don’t think so.  I am kinda eclectic in my reading choices.  I love a good mystery, some contemporary romance, but usually whatever it is has to have magic. Reality is over rated.


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