Saturday, January 14, 2023

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Dragon Descendant - Marelo

Marelo studies water dragons. Bandor studies her heart.


Driven to succeed, Marelo focuses on her studies. She doesn’t have time for males claiming her as a mate. She came here to study the dragon’s ancestral home. She will find the evidence she needs while avoiding all males especially Bandor who makes her heart rush.


Bandor takes one look at Marelo and knows she’s his mate. Her haughty demeaner doesn’t put him off. She’s his mate, he’ll do anything to win her. But he has secrets only his mate can know. Can he convince her to be his mate or will it take something more?  



Dragon Descendant – Solana

Fire dragons are easy for Solana. Mates? Not so much.


On his own since he was ten, Lowkas learned early how to survive alone. Stationed at the fire geysers, he finds home and comfort from a source he didn’t expect. When Solana shows up exposing things he’s kept secret, he’s suspicious.


Will Lowkas put his past behind him, or will it take a dragon intervention?  


Dragon Descendant – Ariana

Due out January 21, 2023

Winnod abandoned Ariana ten years ago.


Ariana’s fated mate denied her. She mourned his loss but she didn’t pursue him. She refused to chase a male who didn’t want her. She found her inner peace but her loneliness echoes from her to air dragons. They tell her to call him in the old way. If he’s a true mate, he’ll return. If he’s not, she should move on.


When Winnod returns, will his revelations tear them apart or heal the wounds?  


Dragon Descendant – Bryony

Due out May 6, 2023

What do you do when confronted with an angry earth dragon?  Exactly what she tells you to.


Newly mated young couple Bryony and Zonlet love exploring caves. During a nearly fatal catastrophe, they run headlong into Gidor an earth dragon.  Gidor offers more than just advice and with her gift they work with the other Guardians to solve a mystery.


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Eileen Troemel said...

Thank you for posting my Dragon Descendant series! These short stories were fun to write and explore the different aspect of the elemental dragons. I hope your readers enjoy hearing about them.