Thursday, January 12, 2023

Thursday About Writing Moon Summoned #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Romance #fantasy #time travel

 When I began writing Moon Summoned, the idea seemed crazy to me but I decided to explore a bit. Taking three women from out world to another one seemed possible. The possibilities increased when I decided each of them had a particular personality and that all three were healing. One was a wise woman who spent her time advising her neighbors in how to tread the systems to get help. The second was an athlete who had a bad injury during a gymnastics event. The third was a nurse. 

Once I had the characters down and figured what roles they would plat. One was to be a Seer, the second aWarrior and the third a Healer. Developing the world took much time and a lot of looking at books on geography and about the lands, climate and other aread.

Having the heroinse meant since this was to be a romance finding heros. At first, the heros seemed to be in opposition to the heroines. One was a sailor and leader of men. One was a young man being trained to be a warrior. The third was a man who had skills taking care of animals. Once they were developed, I thought I was ready to begin.

Not so/ I had to find the villains who in some ways paralleled the heroines in their talents and skills. Actually this part was fun. I enjoy developing villains and these are among the best ones I've ever done. That's only my opinion.

Finally I started the story that runs in three aprts through out until finally the nine come together in a battle with evil against good. 

Writing this book was a joy and sometimes painful but i enjoyed my time with these characters.

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