Saturday, January 7, 2023

Saturday Books by Vida Li Sik are featured today on Saturday's Blurbs #romance #second Chance #family #broken heart

 Remember Me

Can young love stand the test of time and family interference?

Emma waited two years for Marc to see her as more than just a friend. Impatient, she let the school's star rugby player sidetrack her. Now free from that disastrous relationship, she has Marc's full attention. One person stands in their way: her mother opposes their relationship. Now, she must make a choice that will bring her heartache no matter what she decides.

Marc let Emma slip out of his hands once before. He's determined that won't happen again. Even though he's from the wrong side of town, they click on every level. She's the one for him. The end of their final school year edges closer. Every minute they spend together is precious. But time is not on their side.

One decision. Will their love survive?



Remember When (Book 2 in the Remember series)

Will the magic of Christmas give their love a second chance?


My life is great, and my immediate family is all I need. There is no place for romance. Or is there? A decade ago Santi turned down my marriage proposal. When meddling family members find a way to bring us together the week before Christmas, I remember why I fell in love with her, but I can't forget how easily she walked away before.


Long ago I gave up my dreams of marriage and playing with the London Symphony Orchestra when my family needed me. Now, with my ill parents finally at peace and my baby sister grown, I'm ready to reclaim my life. I don't need Gérard to remind me about the joys of love, family, and Christmas I learned to live without. Or do I?

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Remember Us

Broken hearts. Can she get back what she lost?
Alcohol never hurt her career, but it destroyed her family.
Now sober, Paula lives with regret at the havoc she caused her ex-husband and now-estranged daughter. They haven’t forgiven her. Paula knows that’s true when Emma plans to get married and neither she nor Jonah tells her. As she struggles to piece together the wreckage of her life, groveling might be her saving grace. But will it be enough?
Jonah carries emotional scars from his turbulent marriage. He returns home to South Africa after spending three years in Australia. All he wants is peace and to look for new career opportunities.
When circumstances force him to “play house” with Paula once more, unwanted feelings of love resurface.
Can he trust she’s changed, or will she break his heart once more?

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