Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - More on Testing a Story Idea -Too Personal? #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Writing #Story Idea

 Last time we looked at Your story to tell. Today, could the story be too personal for your readers? We all have out soap boxes but putting thm in stories can make the story iffy for some readers.When writing you want to share and communicate with others. Maybe you want to have fun writing the story and want the readers to have fun reading what you've written. You could also want the story to go big and make you lots of money. These are a few reasons but are they the real one. Maybe you really want to have written without doing the hard work to make the story shine.

What may be important to you might bore the person reading the books. I've run into some stories that I seldom finish since the writers seem to be campaigning for something and for me the story falls flat.

Maybe what you want to say is too personal and you are unable to catch the reader. The story may be on a soap box but isn't clear the the reader just what the story has for them.

When the writing is personal you need to be able to step back and take your self from the story. Sure it's yours to tell but there needs to be deeper meanings. As an aside, this is why I will never write an autobiography. My life has had interesting moments but nothing I'd want to share. I can take these incidents and put them into my stories without injecting myself into the narrative.

So take the idea that may be very personal and use it as a basis for emotions among your characters but keep them off the soap box,

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