Friday, December 18, 2020

Caroline Clemmons is visiting and talking about her latest release #MFRWAuthor #Christmas #Historical #Westers


Thank you for having me as a guest on your blog.

1.      Tell me about your latest release? Genre?

MEG, book 20 of the Angel Creek Christmas Brides, releases December 18 in ebook and print and is also available on Kindle Unlimited.  This is a historical western romance set in Montana Territory in 1870.

2.      Where did the idea arise?

Sylvia McDaniel came up with premise of five friends from Charlotte who left the devastation of their hometown. In 1866, they traveled west as mail-order brides. The first year the books were released was 2018 but I didn’t join the series until book 11 in 2019.

3.      How much research was involved? Did you stay on point or be distracted by wanting to look at just one more thing?

A map of the town was included in the series files. Obviously research was involved. For instance, I needed to know the winter temperatures, how the town would look, were there Native Americans, did the residents use wood or coal to heat their homes? There’s always one more thing. Even if thirty minutes of reading results in using only one sentence, an author has to be certain what he/she writes is credible. 

4.      How long did you take to write the book?

I spent six weeks on this one. That’s a little longer than necessary but I had the flu. Not Covid, just ordinary flu that knocked me around for a week. Plus, knowing I had plenty of time, I took longer to finish the book.

5.      Now a bit about you. How long have you been writing? What is your Sun Sign?

In reverse order, I’m a Virgo born on September 16 (Not saying what year). I sold my first book to Kensington in 1998 and started self-publishing in 2012. I’ve been making up stories since I was about five or six. They usually involved a beautiful princess, a handsome prince, and a castle and were illustrated by crayon. Fortunately, I know great cover designers now—no crayons.

6.      Do you write in a number of genres or stick to one?

Most of my books are historical western romances but I also write contemporary western romance, time travel, and mystery. One of the great things about being independent is that you can write what you wish when you wish. 



7.      Where on the internet can you be found?

How nice of you to ask. Here are my links:


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