Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Checking Plot Ideas #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Plot ideas. #Writing

 If you're like me, the ideas for stories abound. I know I have scraps of paper with potential ideas written down and there are thoughts for stories that pop into my head. I may look at them and play with them for a bit but a lot of these ideas will never become stories. They're really not for me.

How do you judge if a story idea is right for you? One piece of advice always given is to write what you know. Now this only goes so far in sorting through the ideas. Looking at what you know, instead think about what's important to you. While you may enjoy reading certain stories, you might never try to write one of that type. I know I really like reading those tech thrillers and science fiction stories but I will never attempt to write one. I have and the story has died. My mind doesn't work that way. I am a nurse but I do know a bit about medicine. Actually I enjoy reading non-fiction about alternate kinds of medicine, so I write books with medicine in there. I can put my love of medicine into fantasies, mysteries and romance. Romance is another area I'm a sucker for and one I believe in very much. I also have a lot of curiosity about ancient civilizations. I've studied ancient Egypt and other places. I love new articles about discoveries and these are things I can fit into my story telling.

So a bit of advice is when you search for an idea, find something that interests you and build it into a story. Let the ideas that don't suit you become vehicles for other writers.

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