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Wednesday Lines of Fire Challenged #MFRWHooks #BWLAuthor #Fantasy #Romance

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Angry her father, who has ordered her to bond with a man with tainted lines.Lasara plans to escape. Her ability to read the lines of fire makes her a talented duelist. Friends aid her escape. They tell her to seek the Desert Riders and a man called Jens. The meeting is different than she plans. They duel for hours and end in both collapsing. While she recovers she hears about the kidnapping of girls with strong lines of fire, she decides to act to free them. Then she learns about a strange man who has joined her enemy. The Defenders need to know.

Ever since his duel with a Defender Jens wonders if this man could really be his brother. Traveling to the Defender’s Hall doesn’t suit him. He like his life as a Desert Rider. His band of Riders travels to a village on the edge of the desert. A challenge to see who has the trading advantage is called for. The duel ends in a tie. He is on his way back to the desert when a man from a different troop speaks of young girls being kidnapped. Learning and freeing them becomes his goal. Lasara joins him during the quest. Somehow, they must face the renegades and rescue the young women.The story is really my take on vampires, just sort of . The Lines of Fire have energy and some of the characters can read them and use what they read to aid in the duel and also to determine the friendliness of those they're reading.   2019 Book HooksEXCERPT

Lasara pulled a leather vest over her linen tunic. From the shelves in the changing room, she took two tunics, several sets of undergarments, stockings and a second pair of leather breeches. She bundled them into a tight roll. She listened to the sounds from the bathing room and stepped toward the door leading to the outer passage ways. Her hands shook as she released the lock. She prayed no one would discover the unlocked door until she was far away.
All the things Kalia had told her this afternoon rolled in her thoughts. Her sister’s help was welcome but she dare not be the one to be present this evening. Rila would meet her and lead her to the gate. Lasara’s stomach churned and she hoped she wouldn’t collapse. What if something went wrong?
She pressed her forehead against the cool surface of the door. Move. She straightened. The copper bracelet she had found hidden in her room’s closet pressed against her chest. A bonding bracelet. Someday she might find her heart bonded mate but not today. Adventure waited. Facing the unknown was better than the man her father intended to be her mate. She would rather die than be bonded to Petan of the tainted lines of fire and erratic temper. Seeing the darkness of his lines made her ill.
She opened the door just wide enough to peer outside and make sure Rila had arrived. Her trembling hand rattled the knob. She drew a deep breath. Once in the hall she eased the door closed and pressed the bundle of clothing against her chest.
Rila waved the torch she held and indicated a dark passage. Lasara followed. The torch cast eerie shadows on the walls. The air held a musty odor. Cobwebs hung from the ceiling. Lasara prayed they weren’t inhabited. Spiders made her think of evil. Another thought occurred. Would their footsteps be seen on the dust covered floor?
Rila turned. “Slide your feet. The dust raised will settle and hide our passing.”
Lasara adopted the gait. This narrow hall was new to her. She knew of other passages and many unused rooms. The population of the Defenders had dwindled over the years and years since their arrival in this land. 

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Kryssie Fortune said...

Love this series. Great snippet. It makes me want to know more

-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

Think about coming to Seventh-Heaven, dear.
There, we'll RITE profusely for eternity.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

She seems well prepared to make her getaway. Good luck!

Holly Bargo said...

Rather makes me want to know why she finds Petan so objectionable.

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Excellent and moving descriptions

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