Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Creating the Heroine #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Writing #Tip #Heroine

The time has come to look at the heroine. When developing her, there are two things to avoid. You don't want to make your heroine one of those Too Stupid To Live kind of gals. I'm sure we've all read books when you've wanted to slap the heroine and shout, "Get it together." The other kind of heroine to avoid is the abrasive, bully type. No reader would feel sympathy for this type of heroine

Developing the heroine means you need to have a handle on what she wants out of life and the reason she wants this.  Like the hero, there are things you need to know when you're developing your heroine.

. 1. Name – To me this is important since I can’t write about a nameless character.
2. Physical description – I need to have a good idea of the height, weight, hair and eye color.
3. Emotional nature – Are they quick tempered, are they maddeningly calm. How would they react to various stimuli.
4. What is their background – family life, birth order, career choice, education, social standing of them or their family.
5. How do they come across to other people. This can be different with each of your major characters and their interactions with others. Heroine might think he’s arrogant. His best friend considers him a great guy. The villain might think of him as a snob. All these things effect your characters.

6. I discover their secret. This is something they don’t want anyone to know.

The one thing I do with every new heroine is to look at her Sun sign, her rising sign and her Moon sign. Doing this allows me to determine what's important to her and how she feels about incidents that happen during the writing of the story.

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