Saturday, December 14, 2019

Saturday's Blurbs featuring 3 Books by Roberta Grieve #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Historical romance #War #Foundling Hospital

Daisy's War (A Family at War Book 1)

Daisy’s War

At the outbreak of World War Two, Daisy is too young to join the WAAFs like her glamorous sister Sylvia and opts to work in the NAAFI which serves the soldiers and sailors stationed in the dockyard and garrison near her home on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. She has vowed to stay true to her childhood sweetheart, Bob. But he is serving overseas and she fears he will not return. Enter tall, handsome Christopher, known to his friends as Lofty.

Farewell Innocence

Orphan Ruby knows no other life than the Foundling  Hospital where she was brought up. Sent to work as a kitchen maid for a wealthy family her life hardly seems to change until she meets handsome policeman Jeremiah (Jerry) Locker. Love blossoms and then she is assaulted by the son of the house and she fears there can be no future for her with Jerry. Things get worse for her when she accused of involvement in a spate of burglaries being investigated by Jerry.

Can Jerry help prove her innocence?

Madeleine’s Enterprise

Madeleine Shaw’s father has died suddenly leaving enormous debts and his former business partner, Ralph Newman, is demanding payment.  If she marries him the debt will be wiped out. But Madeleine has fallen in love with Naval Lieutenant Stephen Harker, a friend of her late brother.

However, Madeleine has no time for romance and determines to concentrate on solving her family’s financial problems. Women in early 20th century were not supposed to start up their own business – that was men’ s work. But Madeleine will not let anything stand in her way of her enterprise, not even her love for Stephen. 

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