Thursday, May 5, 2022

Thursday Meet the Characters from Seducing the Innkeeper #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #romance #contemporary #hidden child #Vermont #inn

Mark Blakefield is the editor of the travel magazine. He is shown a picture taken by one of the reporters who was researching inns in Vermont. In one of the pictures, he sees the girl he had a brief fling with in college and who he had fallen in love with. Her rapid departure from college and because of a misunderstanding about her name he is unable to find her. When he sees a picture of her with a young boy, he is shocked. The boy looks like pictures of himself as a boy. He drives off to find her and to learn more.

Christa Sommers left college in a rush because her father and step-mother died in a crash leaving two young step-sisters behind. She has inherited the inn her father owned and must take charge. When she learns she is pregnant, she tried to get in touch with Mark. She is told he is in Europe and no one at the magazine will give her an address. She gives up, has the baby and gives Mark's name as the father. Years later, she is running the inn and trying to deal with her selfish step-sisters who are angry that none of the inn belongs to her. She has told her son bits and pieces of his father but not his name. He has even seen a single snapshot she has of Mark.

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