Tuesday, March 10, 2009


On arriving at the restort to check in, the first person I saw was Carol. We'd met in Virginia Beach. Her first words were "Sorry it's so cold." I laughed. Coming from 17 degrees, 70 was hot. Settled and began to explore and find lunch. In Virginia Beach I was five months past a double knee replacement and walking was still not fun. The building we were in was a walk and steps to the place where food was to be found. Walking was great. Ate lunch at an Irish Pub. Potato and Leek soup. Sort of played into part of my heritage since among my 57 varieties I do have some Irish and Scot's blood. Wandered around. Not all of the shops were open but they had some neat ones and some great bargains. Back to the resort and hung out with some of the attendees. Met several people I hadn't met before. Sherry and Honey Jans are two I recall. Brain being partially dead due to the time difference. Found Marilyn and Hap and coaxed him to drag my books to the bookstore along with hers. This is a great couple. Met them at the first EPICON in Omaha and went to a great Persian restaurant while waiting to leave for the airport. Someday I'll write about the trip home a real interesting time. Books settled in and forms filled. Then dinner at a Mexican place. Great food.
Time for the Mixer. Kathy and I were almost the first ones but people began to arrive. Marilyn. Connie Crow came with her amazing machine. Then there was Helen of the Cynical Woman fame. She and I had met in Virginia beach and her darling girls. The girls stayed home with Dad. Talked to a lot of people. Had a couple of drinks and then the time change began to take effect so returned.
This year I had decided I would do no program and just attend the conference. Doesn't always work that way as you will see when I do another part.

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