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 Join the authors at #MFRWHooks here for some great excerpts. Mine is found at and features the first heroine, hero and villain of Moon Summoned


Three Moon Summoned women. Ashiera the Seer who controls the winds and sees into the thoughts of others. Dian the Warrior who controls fire and fights with the sword. Egeria the Healer who controls fluids and heals those who are injured. They are joined in their battle by Sieper a sailor who knows the winds, Kobe once sworn to the Lord of Shadows and Jetan a healer of animals. These three vow to help the three women against those sworn to Evil.

Lugal the Cabal reads the winds and thoughts. Sargon the Gladius controls fire and the armies of the Lord of Shadow. Lugal the Cabal has knowledge of herbs and uses them for evil. These three with their cohorts will face the three and three sworn to the Mistress of the Moons.

Editorial Review: Janet Lane Walters has written a story that will take you to another time and place. She gives vivid descriptions of her characters and their role in this story. Ms. Walters has constructed a civilization so real that you will feel its very existence. A place where men rule women as chattel for their sexual needs, and three evil rulers who drain their bodies of their very essence for spells and to gain power. There is betrayal and treachery inside of plots, as each priest plans to rule alone. Ashiera, Egeria, and Dian are bound to the spirits of the ones who came before them. They discover a truth that will astound them, and have them doubting their chosen path. They will experience a love that is forbidden and discover that two stand together better than one. I could feel the emotional struggle between love and destiny, described so passionately by the author. I hope Ms. Walters plans to continue this story. I could feel that this is just the beginning of this tale. Janet Walters book, Moon Bright, Moon Dark will go on my keeper shelf, beside such authors as Charlotte Boyett-Compo and Nancy Gideon. I give this story Five Hearts and recommend it highly. Enjoy!


“Ashiera,” Sieper whispered.

She stared. “Who is Ashiera?”

“You are and you are mine.”

As though a black curtain had been torn, her expression changed. “No.” She backed away.

He went to her. “What do you remember?”

Her eyes reflected myriad emotions. “Dying, yet I live. Heated winds searing my head. Falling into darkness. I am Ashiera, but I don’t remember taking vows with you.”

“Much has changed in Keltoi. The Lord of Shadows has placed his shroud over the people. The Mistress and her servants are gone.”

“Gone! Who protects the land and makes sure the seasons follow their proper courses?” She bowed her head. “Once I sat on the seat of judgment. Once I knew the lore and the legends. I solved disputes and made prophecies for those who asked for sight.”

He caressed her shoulders in an attempt to leach the tension from her taut muscles. “Those days are no more.”

She looked up. “All is gone.”

His thumbs brushed her cheeks. “Alas, ‘tis the truth. Since you are now aware, I can’t leave you in Zandara. You must come with me, for you are mine.”

His words frightened her. She couldn’t be a prisoner. Though his blue-green eyes were kind, she couldn’t sail with him. There was a place she must find and she couldn’t let anyone stop her. Yet, she wished she could remain with him.

She touched his face and explored the rugged features. She ran her hands through the honey-hued hair that brushed his broad shoulders. He was a man she could love forever, but the compulsion to flee his tender care grew unbearable. Her muscles tensed for flight.

His arms closed around her like a cage. “Sail with me.”

She struggled to free herself from his embrace. She couldn’t. She had to leave.

A voice sounded in her head. Come! Now!

Ashiera grabbed a heavy crystal salt cellar and smashed it against his head. He staggered and fell, pulling her atop him. Until she caught her breath, she listened to the steady beat of his heart. He groaned. She jumped to her feet. As she raced across the garden to the gate, she pulled clothes from the line.

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